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  1. Last year, i made some complaints regarding payday loans and irresponsible lending with mixed results. Varied from full interst reimbursed ona couple to 30/50% or good wil gestures. However I have now noticed that more complaints are being upheld with some full interest reimbursements and stat interest.

    Question is, can I go back to my own complaints and ask them to be looke d at again and if refused can i referto the FOS?

    OR am I just being too greedy??

    At one point I had over 15/16 loans with 10 companies, reloaning and rolling over all the time. Finally pulled a stop, went into a DMP and have now paid off thanks to PPI reclaim.


  2. Hope you can help - first post etc,etc.


    I am in the process of complaining re PPI misselling.


    I have had claims upheld from barclaycard and also by my old principle store card.


    I have however been declined by santander for my old mothercare card.


    This card was taken out in store and I was sold it by the sales assistant.

    This was in 1998.


    My question is


    can I get in touch with Genworth, who I believe were the underwriters.


    i first made conatct with them and they passed it to santander.


    Can I now go back to them or is it one for the FOS.


    I also bank with the above mentioned bank,


    can appealing this compromise my accounts in anyway?

    (overdraft and mortgage)


    Thanks in advance,

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