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  1. I was in contact with the MFSA about 12 months ago, is it not the same as the UK, that there will only be a 6 month window to appeal. I would love to give it another go, but they had my bank statements etc and still turned down my complaint.
  2. No, the MFSA ruled against me. I have emailed the (new) company, but basically they will not deal with my case, directed me back to swift sterling/northway.
  3. I went through the MFSA last year and was turned down. Was hoping to get some joy now. I was paying off about £900 and then having to re loan straight way.
  4. Does this mean the same for Swift Sterling, who are also under the same group? I tried to make a complaint last year against them and ended up referring it to the Maltese regulators who decided not to uphold my complaint. What route should I go down now/ cheers
  5. Last year, i made some complaints regarding payday loans and irresponsible lending with mixed results. Varied from full interst reimbursed ona couple to 30/50% or good wil gestures. However I have now noticed that more complaints are being upheld with some full interest reimbursements and stat interest. Question is, can I go back to my own complaints and ask them to be looke d at again and if refused can i referto the FOS? OR am I just being too greedy?? At one point I had over 15/16 loans with 10 companies, reloaning and rolling over all the time. Finally pulled a stop, went into a DMP and have now paid off thanks to PPI reclaim. Thanks.
  6. Hi just wanted to know if anyone had got an email address or knows the name of the CEO of swift sterling. I know that they are part of Northway Finance based in Malta, but cannot find an email address for them. cheers.
  7. Hope you can help - first post etc,etc. I am in the process of complaining re PPI misselling. I have had claims upheld from barclaycard and also by my old principle store card. I have however been declined by santander for my old mothercare card. This card was taken out in store and I was sold it by the sales assistant. This was in 1998. My question is can I get in touch with Genworth, who I believe were the underwriters. i first made conatct with them and they passed it to santander. Can I now go back to them or is it one for the FOS. I also bank with the above mentioned bank, can appealing this compromise my accounts in anyway? (overdraft and mortgage) Thanks in advance,
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