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  1. Can someone tell me how long does it take the courts to send me the court date after i sent the allocation questionaire. Its been almost 2 weeks since i returned the form and still aint heard nothnig from them. Is this the norm?? Cheers
  2. Thanks guys, my fee is under £1500 so it looks like i dont have to pay the £100. Thanks Dave:)
  3. I have filled in my form but not sure whether i need to send a payment with this. It doesnt say anywhere on the form that i have to ay anything as of yet. But i heard the fee is £100. Can anyone help me on this mater please. Cheers Dave
  4. Need some advice please!!! Last week i recieved the court papers saying that abbey had till the 24th to respond to my claim. However, today i recieved more court papers saying that Abbey intend to defend the whole claim, which then goes on to say it has 28 days to file a defence. What does this mean now for my claim. Does this mean its going to go to court. Any help will be much appreciated once again. Thanks Dave
  5. Thanks Karn much appreciated. This version is much shorter and to the point. Thanks Dave
  6. I have written a draft letter here which I am going to send to the abbey. Its about the rejection of the GOGW and what I am going to do next. I need to write the address in and my account number but if someone can check the content of the letter that will be much appreciated. Letter>>>> R.E Reply of GOGW offer Dear Mr Roger Evans Thank you for the letter of GOGW revived on 25th January 2007. Although I am grateful for the £360 which you returned to me I still need the reminder of what is owed to me. Because of this I can only accept this as a partial offer and I still require the reminder of the charges which add up £552. I have to tell you this will be the last letter in which I will be sending to you as I am about to send the forms off to the claims court in order to get the reminder of the charges back. I am sorry that it as to go down this route . I have given you plenty of notice and written to you on numerous occasions asking for what is owed to me.
  7. I thought if u do it online u just follow this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html. And if u want to do it over the counter or post u send the charges schedule up. Doing it online there is no facility where u can send the list of charges. The way i was orginally going to do it was use this http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/34887-5-money-claim-line.html to fill in the money claim form state that i have had a gogw and take that off the final total. Then i was going to send them a letter saying i will only accept this as a partile payment and still expect the reminder of the total. Is this right or am I going the wrong way about it. Thanks for your help its much appreicated Dave
  8. Today i recieved another letter and this time its a gesture of good will offer. They have offered to give me £410 and the sum in which I am asking for is £930. They go on to say that they believe that they have not broken any rules and they comply with the office of fair trading. This letter comes on the day that the deadline is up before i send the money claim form over the internet. Now i got this letter I am not sure on how to proceed. Do i go ahead with the claim but take off the £410 pounds or do i wirte to the abbey and tell him its not good enough and i want the full refund. Any help on this matter willl be much appreciated. Thanks again Dave
  9. Cheers guys much appreciated. Just waiting for the 14 days to pass then will send my moneyclaim form off over the internet.
  10. Ive just been told by a mate that you can only claims ur bank charges back if it happened with a credit card or u have an agreed overdraft limit. With ny case i just have a normal bank account with no agreed overdraft limit with abbey national. Will this effect my case?? I have now got to the stage where on thr 25th i will send off my moneyclaim form over the internet. Just wondering if its worth contiuning with my claim. Also my dad seems to think that there could be a chance that the court will throw my case out and therefore i could be liable for something. Is this true?? Any help on the questions above will be much appreciated.
  11. Recieved another letter today saying that im sorry bla bla bla, The usual rubbish and it will take up to another weeks whilst we look into ur complaint. So i take it now is the time to make the claim. Do u suggest i do it online?? and just follow the instructions. Thanks Dave
  12. thanks guys much appreciated the 14 days are up so i will now send the next letter.
  13. Today i recieved a letter from abbey in response to my first letter i sent which was for repayment. The letter i recieved was from the buisness manager and he basically says ''sorry that ur unhappy, one of my team will be investigating your complaint''. Then goes onto say handling the compalint can take a long time but we will write to you within 4 weeks if we havent contacted you before that. Then goes onto say if you empoyed a solicter or any third party it wont change how quick it can handle the complaint. With this letter do i now wait for the 4 weeks to come or do i send the next letter giiving them another 14 days to repl. Any help wil much appreciated once again. Thanks Dave
  14. I am about to write my first letter asking for my money back but not sure how to write the charges down. Do i just put the date and the amount down in a spredsheet or do i put other information down aswell. Any help will be much appreciated. Dave
  15. Thanks will let u know how it goes. Hopefully there wont be as much hassle as it was for getting the statements. There where times where i thought about not bothering with this. Hopefully i will have my money back
  16. Finally got all my statements from the last 6 years. Now will send the letter off now requesting my money bk.
  17. Cheers guys i will follow the above and see how it goes. Will keep updated. Hopefully now they will give all my statements.
  18. Right, so if i give them 10 pounds i will get all my statements from them since i opened my account....If this is the case why did they go through all this bother just so i could get my statments. This seems to me that its a bit to easy. Do u think the threat of court action made them do this.....Also how long shall i allow them (7 days or 14 days) to give my statments to me....If they go over the date i will fill in the ni form with the letter template ...Any advice on this will be much appreciated...
  19. Today i recieved a letter from abbey and i have reached the stage where im about to fill the ni form in so i can get the rest of my bank statements. .....The letter i had today stated that the microfiche is not covered by the Data protection act...... Then it goes on saying that.... "i can arrange to send you this information from our microfiche records, however its not subject to the 40 day statutory time period. To cover our admistration costs there is a fee which is payable at the time of your request. For archived microfiche covering more than 1 months worth of transaction informnation, the fee is 10 pound per account'....... Does this mean that if i send them a 10 pound fee they give me all the statements for the last 6 years.
  20. is anyone able to point me in the right direction please. Thanks in advance
  21. Im now at the situtation where i have sent the 2nd letter out giving them another 7 days to reply with my data request. However they have failed to reply. So i now have to send out the Data Protection Act Non-Compliance - Particulars of Claim letter. Could someone tell me the address for this letter and whether i have to send any money with the letter.Any help will be much appreciated.
  22. Come someone tell me what i have to do after i send the final non compliance letter. Do i use this template http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/6971-data-protection-act-non.html once the 7 days are up. If so can someone give me a address on where to send this letter. Also do i have to send a fee of any kind. Or are there any other things which i should be doing before hand for preparation. Thanks in advance Dave
  23. Right i have now decided whilst im waiting for the rest of my statements going beyond the 14 months i am now gonna claim for what i am owed going from the last 14 months. I know first of all i have to send out the two letters each waiting for 14 days for them to reply. But wat i want to know is, is there anything i should be doing in the two weeks for preparation. And is there anything in particular i should be made aware of when completing the money claim form.Any help will be much appreciated.
  24. Thanks!! So in my current siutation i send the template 1 letter. Then after the 8 th august (40 days ending) i send template 2 and wait for another 7 days.
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