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  1. Thanks for the link 'havinastella'. Quick question, will I get the opportunity between now and the court date to enter in to correspondence with the DVLA? If not, then this means I have to go prepared with all arguments, hoping I fall on a Judge that's with it.
  2. I have an upcoming trail (5th March) regarding a 'failed to forthwith deliver notification to the Secretary of State, on the registration document or in writing as required by Regulation 22(2)(b)...'. Here are the facts: 1) Vehicle sold - 8/12/2011 2) Logbook returned to DVLA - 10/12/2011 3) No receipt received from DLVA 4) Letter from DVLA advising of an application to record someone else as the registered keeper - 13/6/2013 5) Letter from me to DVLA advising that the vehicle had in fact been sold in 2011 and the logbook was returned then - 21/6/2013 6) Notice on 11/7/2013 from DVLA requesting information under S46 - NEVER RECEIVED! I have attended court today and pleaded not guilty. The prosecutor for the DVLA made remarks regarding it was up to me to chase the DVLA if I hadn't received a receipt within 4 weeks and my paperwork trail (receipt for sale of car, letter to DVLA etc) was no defence. The trail will go ahead on 5th March. Advice and help please as I felt the court was certainly biased towards to DVLA and my word (and paperwork trail) was treated with indifference.
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