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  1. Its been a week now since I replied to the Kwickfit representative. Had no reply and I am not expecting any help from them either. Glad this forum exists and that I was able to share my experience with others. Think the company is now probably used to such compliants and takes its customers for granted
  2. Of course its possible. In this case the company changed my front tyres and told me I had a puncture in the rear left tyre which they will repair for free. After filling the very same tyre with air for more than 2 occasions, I finally gave up, had it checked and replaced.
  3. I also like to add - After 2 weeks of driving I finally had to replace the flat tyre that Kwickfit said they will repair for free ( this WAS A MUST.. ) .
  4. The amount quoted was on the basis that the MOT cannot be cleared without the necessary work. Again as I mentioned before the word "recommended" was never used. I had been puzzled as i do get my car checked every year. I took this back to the same garage that I had taken before. They showed me copies of the checks they had done previously, when I realised that I had been a fool for taking things on face value. I have received the promised £130 pounds which has been cleverly split so as to show that the the refund is inclusive of VAT - helps them to offset this with what they will pay to the Government.
  5. After charging me 185 pounds upfront Kwik fit calls me up and tells me I failed my MOT and asks me to shell out 655 pounds finally coming down to £480 . This as communicated to me twice ( on the phone and when I went to collect my car) were charges for making the minimum required changes for MOT. After collecting my car, I discovered the next day that the bridge blades that I had been charged for, have not been changed. Also the puncture in one of my tyre was never repaired ( in spite of being told that this will done for free). An independent check with another mechanic confirmed that changes to the Brake Pad set (£85), stabiliser link (£54 each), brake disc (£66 each) and check and front adjust ( £50) were never required. When I complained, I found the area manager completely on the defensive, offering only to refund me £130 pounds (for the non existent bridge blades and half of what I paid for the brake pad brade disk). According to him it was my error for misunderstanding the repairs that had been only recommended and had been done after my clearance. Its been a week and I haven had anything from Kwikfit so far. Ridiculous behaviour , coupled with dishonesty. Please can you advise me who I can escalate this matter to ( OFT ?). Any advice on this will be very helpful.
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