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  1. I have just received a email with the teport of the creditors meeting attached, i am so not happy about this whole situation as the dates and addresses and company names are not consistent, firstly they claimed that they moved registered offices to the Paddington address on 25/10/13 so why then did they sign for my phones at the Ringway address in December? And as for their financial information who in their right mind pays a junior administrator £40 per hour, this whole situation has got my blood boiling as its not the fact that they owe me £202 its the principal behind it, i have also taken out a CCJ which was obviously a waste of £25 :mad2:

  2. Sent 3 phones and quoted £202, had no payment and issued them with a CCJ earlier in the month but still had no response. I have also contacted Action Fraud, Trading Standards and the police didnt want to know> After reading an article on 19th Jan about the upcoming meeting i emailed Capital Books and have not heard anything from them, any advice what I can do next as I am so angry that these people should be allowed to get away with fraudulently taking peoples phones and leaving the out of pocket :-x

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