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  1. We contacted the passport office first thing this morning and they have pretty much told us that it is unlikely it will be a problem, but have remained non-committal to a degree because obviously they can't speak for customs control either in the UK or Spain definitely. We did offer to email the photo but they said they couldn't offer us an answer based on that, clearly they want to retain impartiality which is understandable because if she was to be turned away they don't want to then be accused of providing misinformation and possibly being liable for the insurance. It would seem to me that the worst case scenario is more likely that she is stopped and taken into customs where they will most likely boot it up to a supervisor to inspect the damage and see if it's cause enough of a concern to actually stop her travelling and/or entering/leaving a country. It's unlikely they actually stop her travelling because it isn't defacement that could suggest the passport has been tampered with, it's more likely they instruct her to get it replaced, she maybe gets a bit of a hard time about it but doesn't actually have to get back on in a car or plane going in the opposite direction. She's going for two days and has a big hen party with her. She's about as close to a national security threat as my dog is but obviously rules and regulations are as such and we just want to try and get every base covered for every eventuality. The only appointment the passport office could offer her was on Friday and she leaves on Saturday. Replacement passports aren't issued same-day unless it's lost or stolen so the trip would be pointless, not to mention she'd be getting the passport changed in June after she's married and takes his name anyway.
  2. My sister travels to Barcelona next weekend for her hen do and this evening her three year old daughter has used her mum's eyeliner to scribble on her passport. She has done it on the page to the left of her page with her photo and details on, NOT the biodata page as gov.uk advertises but rather if you were to flip the passport as they will at customs control the one directly above it. Obviously she's very worried and gov.uk's categorization of a damaged passport is not very clear. It says that one of the definitions of a damaged passport is "any chemical or ink spillage on any page." Would this cover eyeliner markings on a non-relevant page? If the worst news is that yes, it's now classified as a damaged passport what does she do? Can she realistically get a new one by next Saturday? We already have the details for the Passport Customer Service Centre but can this be done within 5 days as I know they offer a premium service in which you can obtain a passport within 4 hours directly from the office but it also seems to suggest you have a waiting period to book that appointment? Any ideas? Any help? Previous experiences welcome. It's all much appreciated! Thanks
  3. These are precisely the reasons I am doing it. I know there is a good to excellent chance that I will receive nothing back from them in writing, which plays perfectly into my hands.
  4. Well thanks for that information, it opens my eyes to a whole new world of deceitfulness on top of the one I already knew exist. This is why I keep telling them I will only discuss matters with them in writing so that I have a record of everything sent. I won't deviate from this path, no matter how hard they try.
  5. Was over the phone unsurprisingly. Contact by any of these companies via letter is, shall we say, limited.
  6. Well that's interesting then because Hellix told me today that MMF are, and I quote, their "sister company." Also confirmed OPOS as their "umbrella company and MMF's." I'm quite happy for this to be a lie also. Nothing would remotely surprise me.
  7. Why is it? Most PDL companies are owned by the same umbrella companies. You think DCAs who operate on their behalf wouldn't be the same? You'll note these pond-life DCAs rarely operate on behalf of national banks or reputable loan companies...
  8. What's the betting Mucky Hall, MMF, Hellix, Capquest and OPOS are all one of the same company? And the actual name of the company isn't any one of those five?
  9. Hellix contacted me by telephone again today, unlike with MMF and the previous companies I have been dealing with, upon hanging up they simply call again and leave a message. This message was utterly scandalous, it told me I had been booked in for a home visit and it even quoted the names of the other people who live in my house and for me to inform them. I wasn't having this and despite there already being a letter winging it's way to Hellix today I called them back and told them my situation and that I was explicitly unhappy with these threats, briefly explained my situation and told them I'd contacted them by post. The man I spoke to was quite rude and aggressive to begin with but when met with my situation and my legal knowledge he started to twist and turn. He admitted that they were a 'sister company' of MMF and worked under the umbrella company, OPOS Limited, who they purchase the debt off. He couldn't tell me anything about the debt other than it's from a company called Minicredit and in the end he suggested I contacted OPOS, he gave me a telephone number and an address. I've contacted them where I spoke to a woman who got more and more nervous as the conversation went on, she couldn't provide me with any more information either and when I requested the address and the name of the accounts manager she had to go and get another member of staff to check the spelling of the name. The more this conversation went on the clearer their lies and illicit behaviour became, I'm not convinced the person I have written too even exists and the moment I started to dispute the debt with a plausible story both Hellix and OPOS, but especially OPOS, became quite nervous and started to try and kick communication back to the other company. Given upon researching both of these companies online and people's experiences seem to be that they are nasty, threatening anything-goes bully-boys, I found that if you are certain of your side of events and your legal rights that they start to panic and very quickly back down. Hellix have also broken OFT guidelines where fair practices are concerned as they have imitated legal standing to attempt to mislead of confuse an alleged debtor. The message is from a man claiming to be a debt enforcer who will be visiting my address and I am to inform the other people living here, the man I actually spoke too says this person is an adviser and can book me in for a home visit (which we all know probably won't happen). They've also sent me a letter which makes legal threats they couldn't possibly follow through on. I should also add the umbrella company OPOS have never contacted me. Isn't it quite odd that this is where the debt was supposedly purchased from because presumably that company couldn't reach a settlement with me, yet I have never received any communication from that company? First I've heard of them occurred today when I spoke to Hellix. What it seems is that these companies who are all presumably joint-owned, or at least in partnership, kick old and fraudulent debts between one another, use different approaches and tactics and do most of their business by phone in order to just try and get someone at the address and phone number they have to make a payment. All the many months and all the threats under the sun and I am yet to receive one of the following three things: - Written proof of the debt including the full balance and breakdown, the account details and proof of the transaction and contract - A visit from these so-called doorstep collectors. - A CCJ or any other actual legal action against my name I can't understand why, if this debt was genuine and they had fail-proof evidence, they haven't just taken me to court. They'd win, right? And I'd end up paying. I've never encountered such dodgy business practices in my life, their websites are a joke too, half of the services they claim to offer are unlawful and who would go to a backwater company like this when you could employ a reputable solicitor? But then I've probably answered my own question there, backwater companies!
  10. I eventually received a reply from MMF saying they were putting my account on hold barring an 'investigation'. Unsurprisingly I heard no more but now I'm being contacted by furthermore jokers Hellix who desperately try to sound more official and fearsome in their threats by quoting my address at the end of their messages as if to say, "hey, buddy, guess what!? We've got your address." Yes, I know, because you got it off the back of MMF who got it off the back of the signed-for letter I sent, prior to which you had diddly-squat which should tell you something... If I don't phone by midday tomorrow further action could be taken on my account. Sure, sure. I'll look forward too it....
  11. That's actually quite a good idea! I have some old monopoly money from a version of the board game which is missing most of it's pieces, perhaps I'll send them that!
  12. So, guess what I just received in the post? A letter from MMF. A generated letter claiming I have not replied to their earlier letters and they would be instructing a doorstep agent to come visit me if I don't contact them, they very kindly sent a standing order form and pre-paid envelope with it (that's in the bin!). This company are excellent. I've never been written to by them before, then I send a letter this week by recorded delivery and they've clearly lifted my address off the back of it because they didn't even set the address out correctly in the letter. I've been bugged by phone calls and text messages for the better part of three months now threatening doorstep collectors and eventually legal action, now, it appears they've gone back to the start of the process with letters and are attempting to make out that I have been in contact with them for some time. I'm going to have some fun with this one, they still haven't declared what the debt is either, just an amount. They are quite clearly fishing.
  13. I'd also add from my friend, this attachment of earnings order they claim courts can serve is a pile of old dog's droppings. The only time courts ever enforce this is in relation to failure to pay child support or tax-related issues, they don't do it for private debts. I mean can you imagine if they actually tried that, given the state of the economy and people's living standards in the UK currently and the very negative attention on payday loan companies and short-term credit loans of late, it would make the national news if they ever did such a thing, or sent anyone to prison for failing to pay off a debt such as these ones. It's a complete myth in the UK and it's founding's are as ancient as slavery, as the law states, you can't be sent to prison for non-payment on a non-priority debt. Payday loans are non-priority debts, so far that matter are overdrafts, mobile phone contracts, higher-purchase agreements and ANY unsecured loan. Even those who totally default on their mortgages don't tend to end up in prison, courts will always work something out, no-one's getting sent to HMP for failing to pay back £250 they borrowed off Wonga. With the current climate in this country you'd be on Watchdog and Panorama before you knew it, you'd be a cult hero.
  14. Well, well, well......... I especially like the bit about the company being 'ethical' in their recovery procedures, that's f-ing hilarious. In my case alone they've broken three laws already! So at least I know now, that if I go down the same road as I did with MH chances are it's going to go the same way as it did with them. After my persistent responses I stopped hearing from them. Last point of contact was over two years ago.....
  15. Yeah it's pretty typical behaviour of these companies too. One of the previous two I dealt with were Mackenzie Hall and they were signing letters with 'John Smith'. They also sent me a letter which came across as an official solicitor's notice of intent, it even had a mock county court logo in the top right corner. Fortunately I have a family friend who's wife is a solicitor and she looked it over for me and wrote it off in about ten minutes, she also said it was one of the most fraudulent documents she'd ever seen in her career.
  16. I'm guessing that too since it would have been around a postal delivery time and I sent the letter recorded delivery. If he wishes to assure me of a debt he can contact me via post can't he, like I had the courtesy to do him. My suspicion why he's chosen to try and talk to me instead is because, even though they do record their calls, they do and not I, and they can delete what they wish and deny a conversation and they cannot offer me any proof of evidence over the phone, which is what I suspect they don't have. It was Sands I addressed the letter too but here's something intriguing, the person I spoke to today also called my house when I wasn't in the morning and spoke to a member of my family and identified himself as 'Robert Ames' or 'Robert Ayles', it definitely wasn't Sands though and he gave a surname starting with A. He wouldn't be falsely impersonating himself in order to get me to talk to him would he? There's no chance that actually Robert Sands or Ames or Ayles doesn't actually exist and this is another person altogether? Because that is more than just breaking guidelines, that's a flat-out crime.
  17. I've wrote to MMF, sent it first-class recorded delivery yesterday. Had a suspicious phone call from somebody identifying themselves as 'Robert' today, refused to acknowledge them as I will be not discussing any of these so-called 'matters' with anybody over the phone. From now on, every company who tries to stitch me up is going to get a blanket letter response.
  18. Well hopefully as a company they are taken to rights by the OFT and Financial Ombudsman because it strikes me in some of their cases they haven't just not followed OFT guidelines, they've actually broken the law. I'm half-tempted now to speak to the Police again and actually report them directly, a crime number at the least could be very satisfying. I've disputed my case for an unknown debt that hasn't been confirmed to me other than in a barrage of threatening texts and phone calls from a time when I suffered identity theft, they've started the early stages of threatening legal action (I had a one-line email which didn't even include my name!). I would hope that in any eventual court case any judge would be able to see their shocking and unlawful actions should anybody be unawares as to not dispute their claim.
  19. He may well be but if he doesn't follow the law he isn't going to get very far with it when he tries to take people to court is he? Fly by night merchants, even those qualified in their trade, tend to get found out very quickly. Does anybody actually know anyone who has been successfully taken to court by MMF?
  20. A few things that really stand out to me as highly suspicious: - No break-down of costs within the debt, any finance solicitor would provide this before putting their name to such a contact - No solicitor addresses or signs off as 'The Solicitor'. That's a typical scare tactic used by pond-life DCAs. It sounds like something off a movie poster. - If a solicitor was taking you to court on behalf of a client for an unpaid debt they wouldn't be offering you a significantly-reduced deal after claiming to want to save on legal costs.
  21. Surely I'm not the only one entirely unconvinced by the format and content of these emails and letters from MMF's so-called solicitors? They sound like something a bright 12 year-old could write. If you have any actual, personal experience with solicitors over any other matter you know they are far more professional than this and the structure and processes used are full and very articulate. You'd usually get a wad of information from them regarding the matter they are pursuing as that's what they'd present to a court as evidence, these look like chain e-mails and that's exactly how they make their phone calls too, I wouldn't ignore it, I'd do what I did and write them a reply telling them to only contact you in writing, please state in full and with evidence the debt they claim you owe and inform them all their previous actions break OFT guidelines. Why is it also that these claims of legal action appear to be in patches? You can go back through other forums and find months of MMF threads where nothing like this is ever threatened and then you can find five or six different people who have experienced it over the same time period. It's like MMF and such companies use different attack formats and just rotate them to see if one of their so-called 'debtors' will just make a payment to them. Same as they do rotating the Mike and Shane recorded voice messages, which, by the way, I've had confirmed to me by a police officer, is breaking the law. It's threatening an improper action with malice and false intent. Like I say sgt_pancake, I'd reply and in writing asking for what I did (see my thread below your's) and nothing more and see what happens. I'm willing to bet big the trail soon goes cold dead.
  22. I decided to bite the bullet and contact MMF directly via the message box they have on their website. Unsurprisingly I got an instant automated email and have had nothing since, granted it was only an hour or so ago but I'm guessing I probably won't receive anything. From my research and what I've seen here, MMF seem unresponsive to emailing and phone calls. So I've wrote them a letter as a well outlining all the details I've put in my opening message. I've instructed them to stop contacting me and to only inform me in writing that the debt is mine and a break-down of it, I haven't included my address and noted the point that if they don't have one then surely that makes the debt very suspicious? I'm trying to stay open on the matter to a degree because I had a dispute over a mobile phone contract several years ago, I paid some of it off but refuted the rest in relation to a dispute over the phone being broken for some period and the company not doing enough to repair it. I did get several letters threatened DCA's which I responded too in kind but that was over three years ago but I am aware these kind of companies do often buy up old debts. The problem is with the identity theft I'm not sure which is which and don't want to put myself in a position claiming something I could then be disproved on. Does everyone think that is the right course of action? I'm sending the letter to the Rob Sands who frequents these threads as the person to contact at MMF. I'm also sending it recorded delivery.
  23. I have a crime number with regards to the identity theft but not with regards to any of this claimed debt. When I actually called the Police about this though, the response I received was "well, with these things there is always a winner and a loser. If you didn't do anything wrong you'll be in the former." Great advice huh? But including that crime number would be a good idea anyway, thanks for your advice. Any other ideas are welcome.
  24. Hi everyone. This is not the first time I have been chased by a DCA. For the last three or so years I have experienced this as I was the victim of identity theft and whilst the matter of money taken out of my bank account was settled I have, since that period of time, been receiving numerous numbers of letters from a variety of these companies claiming I owe them money. MMF are the third to do so, the previous two were different though; they both wrote to me and also contacted me by phone and an actual person, not an electronic voice, spoke to me. I disputed their claims, for a while they continued to send and make threats and eventually went away, the second one I haven't heard from in over two years now so would assume the case is closed. MMF are a different kettle of fish. I have had nothing sent to me by post, I have however received frequent phone calls and text messages threatening all sorts of action. They have not even informed me of who I supposedly owe a debt too, I don't have the foggiest. I've had no break-down of any assumed debt and all I get is automated phone messages asking me to either hold the line or contact a number, when I have done both I have not gotten through to anyone before my patience has run out. The first of these calls started in November and the text messages started a few weeks later. Intriguingly the texts started coming to an old number that I had started using after my original sim card crashed, this number is from the period where I experienced identity theft. Then I started to receive the next wave of calls and messages threatening a 'doorstep collector visit'. I have had this one of the previous companies so know how much of a laughable rarity it actually is and also no they hold about as many powers as a plastic bang in the wind, as suspected nobody actually turned up despite numerous threats from 'Mike' and 'Shane' they would be visiting my property unannounced and their website claims that all debtors will receive a home visit, I've researched this pretty thoroughly and could see chances of a visit are highly unlikely. But now they are threatening legal action. I have received a text message stating that I am being assessed for legal action as I have chosen not to contact them. To be honest I am sick of this now and this is one rung up from what I have been previously dealing with. I chose not to contact them because I did not want them having my address and because they have not even correctly informed me of a debt I am supposed to owe. I do not believe that this can possibly be legal? I consider, at this point, that they are harassing me without just cause and without providing me with any evidence. With the previous two companies they went away relatively quickly and I didn't receive any threat of legal action, I want to nip this in the bud now and perhaps also turn it back round on them given the way they have treated me. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am happy to write a letter to them but I am not including my address, the fact they clearly don't have it suggests this debt is very suspicious. Any help or advice would be great? Thank you.
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