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  1. Judging by their map, the closest place to Salisbury that they cover is Basingstoke, which is a £16.20 return. The agency will never be able to offer me a sustainable job, so I see little point in working for them in future. They only do cleaning jobs, so the hours will always be low.
  2. I think I have a very good chance of landing the job. The trial is to see if I can work to a high standard without any preparation. I have no idea what exactly it is I will be doing yet, but I'm sure I'm fully capable of doing it. Before I was stressing over the fact that if I quit my current job and I didn't land the job I wanted I would have no income for up to three years. It seemed too big a risk to take. Now I'm fairly confident that I've found a way around it. Isn't it best not to for now? If I contact them and they tell me that I'm needed for the next two weeks the
  3. I don't have anything in writing myself. Since I've taken the job it's been removed from Universal Jobmatch. Is there any way for me to see the ad? There's no cache of the page on Google. The only way I can think of getting written proof is if I contact the agency who have the paperwork I signed. However, if I contact them they might tell me that I'm needed for an extra two weeks. I'm aware there's always the risk that DWP will sanction me for not turning up on Monday, but I think I have a strong enough case: A) I wasn't told I was working an extra two weeks. The agency and mana
  4. I think I've found a way out of this. If anyone can spot a hole in my plan then let me know. Initially when I took the job I was told it would only be for one week. I've told both the job centre staff and working tax credits that the job only lasted for this long. The only way I know I'm working three weeks now instead of one is because a colleague of mine at work, who has no authority over me, told me that I was needed for an extra two weeks after the manager sent HIM a text. Not me. I have heard nothing from either the manager herself or from the agency who have placed me in t
  5. Well the council aren't interested. Not that I could talk to anyone of any importance there. I caught my landlord this morning. He doesn't really understand the situation and told me to just quit the job and to appeal if I get sanctioned. I'm already fighting an unjust sanction from two years ago, for which I have overwhelming evidence that the job centre lied in order to sanction me, so I know how long these things take to sort out. There's no way I could go without any source of income until I win in court in 2-3 years time. Unfortunately a 7 day pass costs the same as
  6. Thank you. I will try to talk to the council tomorrow. My landlord will have to wait until the weekend due to the hours I'm working. It's a temporary job guaranteed for three weeks as I'm covering for someone who returns from maternity leave, after their replacement moved to Leeds. There's not much I can do about the car share scheme. I live in Salisbury and the job is in Hook. They're about 45 miles apart and the rest of the workers are all local to the area. If you're wondering why I even bothered applying for the job in the first place, I was mandated to do so by the job centre.
  7. I've been offered a temporary job which runs for three weeks. As it was more than 16 hours it meant I had to sign off. Due to travel costs I'm only taking £40 home a week. I booked an appointment at the job centre to discuss whether or not taking the job would be worthwhile. According to them I would be able to claim working tax credits. I phone up today and discovered that I can't claim them because I have to be working for a minimum of four weeks. I went to the job centre and told them that they had made a mistake about me being eligible for claiming working tax credits. I explaine
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