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  1. Duly noted. Was just sounding off on here, can't believe that this has even happened. Am really quite upset.
  2. [you took and used it without her permission [ which is theft] - could get even more serious....... dx Do love the idea that I could steal something bought on the joint account so technically half mine already… guess that's not a water tight argument though. Will do as suggested and wait for the letter and be as nice as possible… which might mean muzzling the missus as she was on the warpath when I got home. But then she is the one who has paid FGW £1000s over ten years only for this one mistake to land us in it this deep.
  3. Thanks DX… I seem to be flying from being okay about this too mass panic… tis definitely the last time I offer to help the Mrs get to a patient quicker!
  4. Blimey, that has made me feel a lot worse! So in essence send a cheque and profoundly promise never to do it again and hope for the best!
  5. Thanks unclebulgaria. We're both all too aware of that now. There were eight or nine of the officers there so I feel like they were towing a hard line, only saying I'd hear back in four weeks. I'm not so worried about me, but my wife is saying she's going to buy a whole new monthly ticket so will effectively be paying twice this month … seems if they're going by the letter of the law then surely I'm the issue here; why should she be hit so hard when effectively you could say i took her ticket so it's my problem? Feels like we're being potentially punished twice; do you or anyone else know if she could claim the dailys back if she bought some whilst they are holding her ticket? The ticket also covered her tube journeys so by taking the ticket FGW are forcing her to use her oyster card; maybe she should buy individual journeys and claim them back too??
  6. Hi, this is my first post. I was stopped today by a FGW enforcement team as I got off the train at Windsor. The issue is I had used my wife's monthly ticket for the journey from Slough. I had actually driven from Uxbridge where I work to Slough to meet my wife who was on the train from Paddington; she had a patient to see in Burnham (she's a physio) so there seemed little point in her completing her usual journey to Windsor to then drive back so we did a swap; she took the car, I took her ticket (with photo ID). We didn't think it would be an issue, the ticket had been paid for and only one person was doing the journey. the enforcement officers didn't agree; they confiscated her ticket (so now she'll have to either buy a new one or dailys until it is returned, if it is returned) we are losing money there and i may be faced with prosecution. They didn't mention a fine so i feel i'm completely in no man's land. The journey to Windsor from Slough costs £2.30, the idea of a hefty fine and possible criminal record over such a stupid mistake is really scary. There was no intent to fair dodge, we felt as a couple we'd paid and had a valid ticket. Also one of the enforcement officers said when asked that if i'd had no ticket at all I'd have just been fined… so to FGW it seems it's worse to have your wife's valid ticket than no ticket at all. Any advice on what I should do would be very much appreciated.
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