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  1. hi, do you mean particulars of the claim? if so, all that is written in that box is "1st stop payday loans ltd agreed to lend the defendant #300.00 on 27th august 2013. the defendant agreed to pay the short term loan back after 30 days. the defendant has failed to meet the repayment of the loan despite many attempts to resolve this." thats it.
  2. Ok. So yesterday I received a notice from northompton county court. 1st stop have filed a claim there. i am registered with stepchange, who have been paying 1st stop. 1st stop keep sending me emails with phrases such as "you have not made any offer to pay by installments, or lodge a defence, we will notify the court within 7 days" Now, this is despite me sending them dozens of emails explaining the situation, making a payment on my own before stepchange contacted them, and for a £300 debt, ive paid about £50, but in the court document it is still £751 + £^0 for court costs now. I hav
  3. they sent me the agreement via post, but the statement of my account showing charges etc via email. The email spreadhseet included this other info and graphs about payday loans etc. I didnt take a close look at the agreement, except to see it wasnt signed by me, not sure if it mentions electronic signatures at all...
  4. they have finally sent me all the documents I requested. After being told several times they wouldnt, as soon as I asked where to send my SAR, they sent me what I needed. Interestingly, on the export showing my charges, they sent me an excel worksheet with 3 more sheets on. Payday Loans, Installment Loans and Collections Calculations. The graphs etc show they have a distinct plan to move entirely from payday loans to installment loans. Im guessing that is to avoid laws either in place, or about to be in place that are specific to Payday loans, not installment loans.
  5. I asked which address I needed to send a SAR to, they replied providing me with my contract. I then asked if i could have a breakdown of all charges added, they have now done this too. How do I challenge them about adding £308 extra charges, aside from the 300 loan and 105 initial interest payment.
  6. Hi Ive been in discussion with a payday loan lender about the charges they are adding to my account. Originally the balance to payback was £405. It is now over £700. This is just interest and charges added on. I had an email glitch months ago, meaning I have no copy of my contract, nor their terms and conditions. I have asked many times for them to forward me a copy, but they refuse to do this point blank. I have now sent a complaint to them, asking for this info, so im hoping their complaints process will mean i get the contract and statement of account type
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