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  1. Hi All, Received a letter today saying that my husband does NOT need to attend a face to face.... It says that they now have enough information. Well I don't know what the outcome will be, but that is a big relief to us. Thank you for all the advice I have been given, and I will do letters of complaint as I agreed that I would. If anyone else is going through the same thing (dealing with the robotic system that is ATOS) then from my experience it was all about who I got to speak to on the end of the phone line, seven times I spoke to different people (robots, who all seemed to be reading from a script) until Monday when I spoke to a nice lady, who listened and did what she said she would do, she also said that she would chase it up for me. And I believe that this is the only reason I have got a paper based assessment. So my advice is to ring and ring and ring again until YOU feel like you are speaking to someone who is listening, because if you don't think that they are listening, then they are not, and they wont be taking notes either as in my case. Thank you again for helping me, I really needed it.
  2. Hi, Bit of a mixed day. Went to see the GP, he is all about the money, he firstly said he would ring up, and even asked which number to ring, then 50 seconds later as he was reading what they wrote, he said :- they can ring him directly, he has filled out loads of pip forms, that is private work and he needs to get paid. When Ii eventually picked my jaw off the floor I did not know what to say, he said they MUST ring him. So that was that. I left and did not feel like phoning atos, but I did, I spoke to a really nice human, she was very warm and understanding and put me at ease. She was surprised that they have treated us like this, and she said that they have probably just generated the letters again. She also went on to say that they have never contacted the GP ( I had only just found that out via the GP that morning) she said that she would not cancel the appointment, because that would generate more letters. She told me that they have an internal email system that in some case's they can put a rush on the medical team to give a answer as to if you can get a paper based assessment, she said that they make this assessment within hours, but they tell the customer 10 working days, she took all the information about my husband and read it back to me, she said that they now have notes to work with, apparently no one wrote anything about my several previous phone calls. I presume I will receive letters on Wednesday, she also said if I did not hear anything I must chase it up. So that is how I have left it till Wednesday.
  3. Hi, I have now got an appointment to see the CAB on 28th, I will be seeing the GP tomorrow morning, but I can't see him sitting there and phoning, (I may be just panicking). The person I spoke to at the DWP said that they would speak to CAB, then Atos said that they would not, as it would be atos that they will be ringing, who is correct? I will also chase up the MP, as they have not got back to me yet. Thank you
  4. Hi,This is what has happened today, I can't get an appointment with GP till Monday 8.40am that's ok, give me time to ring dwp and see if there was anyone there he could talk to. Phoned DWP, spoke to the first robot, he put through to a second robot, they sounded like they were reading from a script, did not matter what I said they said the same thing which was .- DWP make the final decision, BUT it is ATOS that do the report, that they make the decision from. They said that Atos must not have enough information on my husband to do a paper based assessment? I told them about the Gp writing a letter, they said that that does not matter, as the GP will not be able to answer all the questions that they want to ask. I will be putting a complaint about they way I was spoken to, Oh and the DWP informed me that "there are so many horror stories of people who say that they are very ill and then it is proven that they are not" I said yes there are, but I bet there is a lot more horror stories of people who said that they are ill and DWP say that they are not only for it to be proven that the person was ill after all but it is to late then, they are dead, but lessons will be learnt. He then just wanted me to get off the phone. Oh and neither one of them took his name or national insurance number, which is the first time ever, the last one said that they are the supervisor. So I will have to give this some thought over the weekend. Thank you all for your help
  5. Yes I have made 4 copies of each. Now I just need to get the GP to speak to them tomorrow, it took him four days to do five lines, so he wont be talking to them any time soon I think. I will ring DWP tomorrow, and see what happens, then I will send the letter off, Recorded delivery.
  6. Yes, I will do that. Thank you
  7. Just been to get his letter from the Dr, £16.50 to pay it said on the envelope ? To Whom It May Concern Dear Sir/Madam Then my husbands name and DOB and address. Mr ---- ------ suffers with severe anxiety and due to this will not be able to undertake a home assessment. If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact myself. Yours sincerely Dr name and medical number Do you think that that might be enough ???
  8. What a day, now the DWP lady that I was suppose to be speaking to, has had to go home early???? I stupidly spoke to another woman, and she said virtually word for word what you said they would say. I then said about section 2.3.8 in the pip-assessment-guide, she then said how do they know it will course him stress ???? I said ask his GP, I was again getting nowhere, so I left it with I will ring back tomorrow, oh and this person said that she was senior to the lady I was supposed to be speaking to.
  9. Oh, thank you for that, I feel that I have just been given a fob off, my husband has lots and lots of problems, but one he did have was throwing his clothes away (not just clothes and shoes, I got up one morning and he had cut my new three piece suites two arm chairs into tiny pieces so that it could fit in the wheelie bin, this is 2002, after he had been sectioned) Since then he has gone through fazes, and now this is making him very very upset, he has started to wash his hands more, and he has started to throw things away( or gets me to do it). And he does not know about all of it, he just thinks that they MAY want to interview him soon. So I have got to do all this discretely, and he knows that there is something wrong.
  10. Hi Just rang Atos again, spoke to another robot, she said the same thing, after several minutes she started to become human she told me that they hardly do paper assessments, and that there will not be enough information about my husband? she said that they wanted a face to face so that they can ask him a lot of questions? They can't get all the information and answers to questions they want from his GP. They have contacted the GP surgery 5 times (which I think is a lie) (two years ago, whilst we were going through this with the ESA, and I took it to a second tribunal someone told me to ask for my case file history, and they sent me about several hundreds of pages including asking his surgery questions and getting paid to answer, they never asked the GP anything). She said that she would see if he could get another home visit, so I told her that he would not speak to anyone, she then said that she could not cancel the 1st Aug appointment, I told her that I was going to see my MP, and phone the DWP, she then said get the GP to ring up and speak to atos, just phone atos no name just whom ever he gets to pick the phone up. So that is how I have left it with Atos, he still has his Aug 1st appointment?
  11. Hi, GP letter not ready till 4pm, he has not signed it????? CAB are fully booked up, I was told to try next week? Contacted my MP, lady said they will contact me. Then I phoned DWP the lady who deals with (this type of thing) won't be available till 3 30pm. So total waste of a morning. Could someone tell me who does have the final say( is in charge) Atos or DWP. Thank you again for your help
  12. Hi, Just phoned atos, got a very robotic woman on the phone. She would not let me cancel the 1st Aug appointment, I can't see GP till tomorrow now ? She has told me to ring them on the same 0300 number, she was adamant that I should not contact the DWP, as they are not dealing with it, she is ? Could not talk with her, she was very cold. We are not going to take your word for it that he is house bound. I will go to the GP surgery today to get the letter, and she what that says. I have got the MP email and phone number, also my local CAB. It is not even 9am and I feel so tired.
  13. Thank you for writing, I will ring them tomorrow before I go to see the GP, he said he would fax them a letter, so all I can do is ask. I will ask them if there a number for him to contact them on. I will also ring the DWP and tell them what is happening, and if there is a person I could get him to speak to on my behalf.
  14. Hi reallymadwoman, Thank you for replying. I am sorry to hear that you are going into hospital. I will give them a ring tomorrow, I get the letter off the GP tomorrow (was not ready today)? I will complain, and (if you are feeling up to it) you can help word it. I will also phone DWP and tell them what is happening ( I do not trust Atos). I will let you know what's happening tomorrow, as you well know it is very tiring, having to deal with this and speak to people on the phone who tell you one thing but do another. Look after yourself, and take care.
  15. Hi reallymadwoman , I will indeed ring them tomorrow, can't cope today. So yes, he was supposed to have a home visit on Monday 25th, I phoned to cancel, I told them that his GP had written a letter saying that it would be detrimental to his health, I told them this on Monday 18th July, these letters are dated Monday 18th of July, one of which is stating that he can have a home visit. So if I had only received the two letters, than I would be back to the beginning, but it is the 3rd letter that has got me worried, it gives a time and place for a assessment, which is 12 miles away from where we live. So do you think that it would be a waste of time to talk to atos, because they don't listen, just go straight to DWP. I will also get my MP details and do what you have suggested. Thank you for your input.
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