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  1. we cant find what we signed but when we phoned them to ask if we were ok to take off we presumed there would be noe fee as they didnt tell us
  2. Wonder if anyone can help us out We had our house on the market with your move for 13 weeks we then called then up and asked if we were ok to take off market as we had no interest they then sent us an invoice for £300 fees for taking off the market! yet still after 3 weeks there sign is still outside advertising for them! is there any way round this for us? have we to pay there fee? cant we charge them for free advertising on our property still?? any help or advice would be great thanks in advance
  3. do i need to reply to them or just leave it now then? thanks for your help
  4. Ok SB letter sent and had this attached reply Any help now please???
  5. no not on benifits only was on them for a few months years ago and dont think will need them again thanks
  6. do i just send them a letter saying i knowing about it and quote the 6 year rule?
  7. Hi wondered if anyone can shed light on this for me. Had a leeter friday last week from an old council i used to live at asking foof overpayments for housing benifits going back from 11/4/2005 to 16/5/2005 for £150 Do i have to pay this or does the 6 year rule come into it for a debt? I was on benifits around that time but this is the 1st i have heard of any over payments and have moved address twice since then and then letter comes out of blue? Thanks
  8. i did go onto housing bernift for a few months while out of work. not had any other letters apart from this and am sure i made all old payments
  9. Had the letter below come through and was looking for some help. I moved from one council to my current council over three years ago. At my old council I got a CCJ for payment but am sure i paid it all off. Been with my current council now for over three years and this letter below come through. Can they chase you after 3 yrs? any help??? thanks EDIT Can you please re post the letter with the identifying data removed saintly
  10. Thanks for that!! Shall i send this to Wescot and Fredericksons too??
  11. WHICH IS THE PROVE IT LETTER??? is it the CCA request?? im almost sure i have had no contact for over 6 years but would rather make sure first.
  12. Can anyone help me with this one. I had a derbt with Vodafone well over 8 yrs ago. I was getting chased from a company called Wescot and didnt reply. I have not heard anything for the last 3 yrs then about a year ago they started chasing again sending letters which i have ignored. I have then received a letter from Frederickson International and have ignored that. I now have had a letter from Bryan Carters chasing the same old debt. Thing is I am paying Bryan Carters for an old Capital One debt. Can anyone advise me where i stand with this old debt. I am 99% sure i have not contacted or responded to any of there letters regarding this for well over 6 yrs. Any help please? Do i send the letter M?? Thanks
  13. MCOL site is still down so I've emailed my Ackowledgement of Service to them.
  14. the issue date is 22 may 2008 i have until tues to fill in the form poc are :- 1. the defendant entered a credit card personal load aggrement regulated by the consumer credit act 1974 with egg banking plc. the defendant failed to make payments. egg assigned the debt to credit solutions ltd. 2. the defendant acknowledged the debt by making payments to credit solutions. the defendant stopped paying. the remainder of the debt is outstanding. 3. credit solutions assigned the debt to the claimant and sent notice of assignment to the defendant. the claimant sent a letter before action on 19/6/07. 4. the defendant has not made any payment. the balance remains outstanding. and the claimant claims the sum of £2690.20 and the interest under section 69 of the county courts act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 27.2.01 to 30.04.08 of £1545.21 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgement or eariler at a daily rate of £0.59 total ammount claimed £4235.41!!! HELPP!!!!
  15. I had a credit card with egg and the debt was sold to Credit Solutions. I asked for my statements and did a CCA request. I got me statements but the CCA request came as a blured photocopy with no deed of asignment I also notice Credit Solutions had added £500 charges to the debt. I disputed this with them and sent the LBA then i also sent a letter in feb 07 stating the debt was in dispute and they had failed to send me a correct CCA or deed of asignment. I sent the below letter in june 07 and have heard nothing since " I am writing with reference to your letter dated 25th May 2007. I would refer you to my previous letters dated 23rd February 2007, 16th January 2007 and 2nd January 2007. I have enclosed copies. Please be aware that I am disputing the charges applied to the above account as unfair under the Unfair Contract Terms and Regulations and the common law. Any claim issued by yourselves will result in a counter claim for these charges. I am also still awaiting the correct documentation from my original Consumer Credit Act 1974 request from 14th July 2006, which you defaulted on. Copies enclosed. Therefore I require answers to my previous correspondences within the next 14 days or I will start a claim against you for the full amount plus interest, plus my costs, without further notice." I have now come back from holiday and have a MCOL form Credit solutions and my defence has to be in for Tues next week!! Can some one please help me in how to word my defence? Can the do this is there is charges on the account and they have not porvided a correct CCA? Pls help some one???
  16. lba sent and deadline was weds just gone! heard nothing!! will give them a few days more due to postal strikes!! guess next step is mcol??? still nervous as dont have any proof of these charges i am claiming back just guessing they was charges!! any advice??
  17. has anyone managed to make a claim and win where statements where missing??
  18. i sent a prelim on 19th sept and received a reply saying £12 is not a penalty blah blah blah! usual reply i think. also it says " there is no evidence these charges have been applied to the account" due to statements they can not supply i put in estimated charges on the statements missing am i ok to proceed with lba next? how will i stand as there are no statements for the months im claiming charges for. i have a letter from ge money saying they can not find these statements
  19. ive not taken any new insurance out. its off road garaged and not being used for a year or so while i carry out repairs to it. is there anything else i can do?? thanks for the reply
  20. received a letter stating car insurance was due from isurance finance company saying they will automatically renew insurance unless i contacted them and cancelled it. i wrote a letter and sent form to cancel the insurance and direct debit explaining i was not renewing insurance. aprrox 3 months later found out they had taken 2 payments so contacted bank and stopped the direct debits. now insurance company threatening court action for rest whole of the insurance money saying they never received the form/letter from me cancelling policy! is it legal for them to renew without my authority? is there anything i can do?? please help
  21. im not sure if there is any charges on these missing statements but am thinking if i claim for 3 per statement how will i stand? if it goes to court and there are no statements is it for me to prove these charges or them??
  22. anyone any help on this??? shall i send a prelim asking for , say 3 charges per statement missing??
  23. i have sent a dpa to burtons for staements. have recieved statements with a cover letter saying 16 statements are missing. i then sent the dpa follow up asking for the missing statements and have recieved a letter saying due to system problems they cant supply these statements. looking for advice as to where to go from here? do i send a prelim asking for charges that i think were applied on the missing statements??
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