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  1. Thankyou - I will do that and post my letter before sending. Many Thanks.
  2. Indeed - thankyou. With the original complaint I sent a PDF of at least 20 photos showing the defects - all in Factory made panels, not where I fixed the panels together. To confirm this was within 7 days of receipt. Apologies for my first post, I think my mention of the Ombudsman threw things - I hadn't got to that point yet, but was just asking if that was the best way to go forward now. I'll take your advice and follow up on the fact they were not allowed to refuse. As always, your honest advice is much appreciated.
  3. OK I''ll do that - although it was my forms and process (I found templates), not any they provided me. My original letter of complaint requested a refund or replacement and that was within 7 days of receipt. They've just refused to do so.
  4. Thankyou. I think I didn't explain myself properly. What i meant by 'the correct forms' is that I have gone through what I thought was the formal process of complaint, i.e lodging a complaint, detailing the issues, giving them time to respond etc etc. I have asked for a refund, asked for a replacement, told them why, and just get fobbed off with 'this is what a wooden product will do'. I was simply looking for advice on where to take it next - if it's small claims then i'll take it down that route. I'm not an expert and have always been told you need to give the company the required time to respond before taking things further.
  5. Good Morning, I'm looking for some advice on where to escalate a complaint regarding a BillyOh Summerhouse purchased earlier this year from Garden Buildings Direct. I've gone through the official procedure of complaining (The day after putting the shoddy thing together), have used all the correct forms, given them a full 8 weeks to respond etc, but have just been met with a wall of excuses. (The gaps in the factory-made panels i can fit my hands through will settle with time / the doors being different sizes is the moisture in the air/ knots as big as my fist falling out every couple of weeks as it's a natural product / the floor so full of large knots they fall out when you walk on it etc etc). On a £1300 summerhouse they've even stated in one of their replies to 'use woodfiller and silicon sealant in certain areas as this is where it's most likely to leak!) I've been quite reasonable initially in requesting a replacement floor as it was completely unuseable, which they sent quickly, but escalated it to a full complaint as soon as the other major issues came to light and i began looking at other reviews. As it's built now, i've requested from them a partial refund to cover my time and expenditure in putting the thing right (Work that they themselves have suggested i do), or they replace it with a new, fit for purpose item and remove the old one, both of which they have refused to do. The 8 weeks are up so time to take things further, but when i try to do so online with the Consumer or retail Ombudsman there is a need to enter the company you are complaining about before you can continue, and Garden Buildings direct along with Kybotech (The parent company) don't seem to be present anywhere on there. Are there any suggestions how else to follow this up? Many thanks for help after all this time, I went through a long successful case with both Abbey National and Yes car credit back in the day so i know the advice on here is to the point.
  6. Done and done! But they still won't remove it from the Credit file. I guess Court is the next step to force them to remove it. Didnt really want to go down that route for £113 but its the impact of the default on my file what is more important.
  7. Hi, no it wouldn't, that's the point I have been trying to argue.
  8. Hi, I have been fighting Capquest for some time now over a default they have registered against me. I successfully claimed a PPI refund from Capital One, but during the prolonged and convoluted process of getting this refund, they Defaulted my account and sold it to Capquest. Now its only a default of £113, but thats not the point. My argument is that had Capital 1 been more forthcoming in accepting the PPI was mis-sold and didnt fight a lost cause for so long, I never would have defaulted (I made payments on time up until the PPI issue arose). What can i do in getting this removed, if anything? I am prepared for a fight, having won back £5500 in bank charges from Abbey, and £2200 from nationwide over the past few years. Its frustrating that this default is the only thing preventing me a good credit rating. Thanks for any advice in advance.
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