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  1. Hi there first time poster here (Long time observer of the forums) I was wondering if anyone has any experience of being involved in a work place appeal (After being dismissed for gross misconduct) The background of this situation is that I was suspended from my job due to allegations that I had used some information from within the office to obtain financial gain. Even though everything we do is tracked on our computers through browser history, our use of tools and also through CCTV the only proof/evidence the company wishes to rely on is notes made during my investigation hearing The issue with this investigation meeting is that is about 8 lines long and does not mention the majority of what I said within my hearing nor the accurate context in which the discussions took place (At one point I was describing a theoretical situation and they have noted it down as what happened in the misconduct situation). In addition while there is no particular company policy on this my investigation meeting was only held between myself and the joint head of department which seemed strange as any innacuracies or disputes of what was said / ascertained could have been resolved through a note taker of some sort Ultimately I attended my disciplinary meeting to which I built a statement which noted the background to what had happened in the aforementioned situation, noted to those present that the investigation meeting was most inadequate and listened to and answered questions from the chairman of the meeting (The other joint head of department). What was a shock was not as much that the decision they came to was dismissal (I expected this even though I made a case to prove my innocence) the shock was that I was told that because I hadnt provided some statements to show this activity was regular they would have no choice but to dismiss me. At no point during this investigation / hearing was I asked for these statements (Which I am now in receipt of and can supply to an appeal) Ultimately I feel that going into this hearing a decision was already made regarding my fate regardless of my statement at the hearing. My hearing was on Friday and I am now awaiting confirmation of my dismissal and for the company to acknowledge my appeal Thanks in advance for any advice you guys have on here or any experiences you may have had in this field
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