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  1. I am in a very similiar situation my mortgage is a together mortgage and have an unsecured loan of over 25k as well. I got my mortgage in 2007 and I am probably 26k in negative equity maybe more with no hope of moving. I was made unemployed in 2009 and fell behind on a lot of debt and had to meet a debt advisor and make arranged payments so will not be able to remortgage as my credit rating is wrecked. I'm stuck with NRAM and have another 29 years on this mortgage and the house is too small. When it was purchased it was just my wife and I, now I have one child and another on the way. I have never missed a payment on the mortgage or the unsecured loan but if the interest rate was to rise the payments could end up being massive. I can't help feeling that this product has left us in a really tricky position.
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