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  1. We have got the money available to make this payment of £496 but I am waiting on CLA to call me back to advise whether its worth paying it now and stopping this current eviction because I still haven't got a start date for new job let alone a date to start getting paid, so next due payment won't be made (due 28th Jan) so does it make more sense to submit N244 now and hope the judge allows us more time to start job etc or make this payment and then sort out next month when it comes? If not found in our favour I wouldn't have £1400 to pay off total arrears. Also when we've just sat and worked
  2. Thanks for the replies, I think I may be able to get the money together for this payment but hamlins are going to want an I+E doing to prove I can pay the next time and so far no start date for new job. Can they cause me a problem because I'm on JSA for a short while?
  3. Thanks for the replies, I'm not sure about the agreement, I'll have to ask her when she gets in
  4. My daughter is on an apprentiship at a photograhy studio. Over xmas and new year they shut for the 2 week period, my daughter has not been paid for this period and she won't ask her boss whether she is to be paid or not. My partner and I are a bit unsure of asking on her behalf as her boss is also a family friend. Any advice?
  5. Hi hope someone can give me advice. I had a repossession order suspended approx 18 months ago, mortgage us with Santander and their lawyers are Hamlins who I now make payments to. Arrears were around 3, 000 and I pay 416 mortgage payment plus 84 to pay off arrears. I recently lost my job and shouldve started my new one with very little gap in between wages going in from old job and first pay from new job, however there has been a major delay due to crb and references not coming through and I missed a payment to hamlins. They have now applied for eviction (not received letter from bailiffs y
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