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  1. Thank for reply. No my father don't have any belonging here plus I am just concern why I am getting letter and how I can stop. And person who bought the car will have any problems ? As my friend is worried well nothing to do with him as he bought the car two weeks ago. Thanks
  2. COLLECT SERVICES - notice of seizure of goods & inventory I am new on site, I received on my property notice of seizure of goods & inventory for car been parked in London (pcn) which is not on my name but my father who left the property as we don't get alone together nearly 2 weeks ago he moved with his girl friend some where and i don't know where he is at the moment. and he sold his car before he left to one of my close friend live in different area who bought the car and he got new log book on his name & address as well. my question is that will effect me in an
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