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  1. Thanks, I was enquiring about enforcing it ourselves and not employing a private company to do this as I think we are getting slightly off topic. I would also say I'm still on the other side of the points you raise, as informative as they are - I have a plot of land, owned by me and in my House deeds that is is currently hosting an uninvited car from somebody I do not know or have invited to park there. This is a not a mixed car park where somebody has just "taken" a space, they have consciously driven to this location to dump the car in a quiet rural area, well away from the main road, where
  2. Thanks for the replies - essentially what you are saying is the only way to deter , is to secure the spaces. This is part of the discussions now and looks to be the only way forward; whether that be a Gate or per parking space. It's a rural area so an electrical option is a non starter.
  3. Hi Guys, New reader, new poster! I live next to a canal in Staffordshire in a row of about 10 houses, on an unadopted road. The houses are at the end of this road, with a parking plot containing spaces for 2 cars each per house, just before you get to the houses. Now, the whole area is quite hidden away and the only traffic we get are the home owners themselves or visitors. However, as we are hidden away and off the main road, we have had in the past had cars abandoned to get round SORN, and we have one now. This is a separate issue to what I am posting and is being addressed e
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