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  1. thanks for that...!! desperation, it was a very bad time of my life and your right they saw me coming, i only hope i can do something about it now,
  2. The default notice shows the default date the letter was written and then its states i have 14 days from then..thus not taking into account postal days!!
  3. Thanks Brig, What else could they do if i choose to ignore them? The only reason i compared to Andy is because my agreement has exactly the same details missing.. . i wouldn't know where to start in a new thread!!
  4. yes, this week, a letter asking for me to contact them again to arrange a payment plan. . i haven't contacted them as i'm not sure what to say regarding the dodgy agreement as per Andy's ongoing situation!! what should i do? No-one has traced me to this address before so i think maybe they are firing as many bullets as poss in the hope that one hits the target ..should i continue not responding or should i confront them with the details that bits are missing from the agreement thus making it unenforceable??
  5. Hi Brig and Andy, The default notice was 05/10/2010 and from what i can see on the statement the last payment i made was on the 05/07/2010. Welcome are not on the land registry for sure, MKRR aren't either. Welcome disappeared off my credit file the same day that MKRR appeared!! I haven't made any contact with them whatsoever since 2010's payment i'm pretty sure of that. I don't live in the house i rent it out as i cant afford to sell due to negative equity and my current home has a pre nup type thing attached in favour of my wife as she put in the lions share of the deposit. Any advice on what to do now? Andy? Brig?
  6. Hi andy! Are you still on here?? I have read your posts from start to finish absolutely fascinating! Also exactly the same position for me in every respect except my loan figure is higher! My statement figure and agreement figure are different as are yours, as I said everything you have mentioned is mirrored with me. I have received letters from MKRR recently saying they want to help...! I have looked on my credit report and Wel**** are no longer on there and the legal charge on my property has gone!!! How are you getting on with MKRR? What do you think I should do as there is no legal charge now? Should I attack MKRR with the list of inaccuracies on the welcome agreement in the hope they will but it down as a bad egg and disappear? I agent spoken with them or acknowledged them.
  7. Wow, guys I just stumbled across your posts and I'm in exactly the same position as you with MAS! I'm looking on here to see if GMAC are dodgy( MAS bought the mortgage from them) you guys know anything of them?
  8. Hi, I'm just going through all my old mortgage papers and I changed from Kensington to GMAC back in 2007 and have noticed an arrangement fee of £1995.00!! Is that normal?? What else could be lurking here with GMAC and even Kensington?? Thanks
  9. Hi I have just noticed on my credit report that the welcome secured loan which was sold to MKDP shows as a secured loan still but from MKDP is this correct? Surely they can't just swap legal charges??
  10. Hmmm...could really do with knowing if it's statute barred now secured debt has been sold, no contact at all since approx 2007. Secured debt is 12 yrs before SB does it continue after its sold or revert to 6 years when sold...
  11. Hi I don't live there I rent it out as I can't sell it due to negative equity and the welcome loan attached. If I sar them will that not flag me up? I would sar them with return address to that property. Charge has definitely gone.. Question for Dx on this subject.. Is it 12yrs for secured debt before it's statute barred?
  12. Hi In 2007 i had a secured loan with Welcome, i got into financial difficulty and stop paying, (house was in negative equity and still is) They chased but as i couldn't afford to repay and they couldn't force me to sell they sort of frittered away for a few years whilst they were in financial trouble. I have now discovered that the 2nd charge on my property has been lifted and on my credit file it says 'settled' There is now a company called MKDP LLP who own the loan which i have found out only be looking at my credit file. what do i do? i think i do nothing! the loan isn't secured anymore, and they would have paid next to nothing for it? Your thoughts please! Hi, similar situation here! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?414653-Welcome-secured-loan-sold-on welcome sold debt to MKDP LLP ( google them) not heard anything from either, My question to you is. .is the debt a secured debt? Six years is unsecured but 12 for secured( someone correct if I'm wrong) I think welcome sold off debts when they got in trouble to people like MKDP , I'm keeping my ead down!
  13. thanks!! will check it all out! im going to post another now to do with Welcome!!
  14. thanks to you both!! cant believe they pay that little for it! I have another issue thats cropped up with Welcome finance, can i askyou about it in here or somewhere else? you guys are topdrawer so more than happy to share with you!but i have a couple other questions on this saga first.. What does 0% payback agreement mean? It was a car loan If there are charges why can i claim them back? and from who?
  15. Hi Firstship... speedy reply..nice. Yes we have a letter of assignment from both companies. £50 pm is fine , Lowells didnt give us any bank details they just said you must call us and pay the outstanding! If we call them and say 'we were happy to pay £50 with creation and that is what we will continue to pay with you please give us bank details' can they argue with that? Don't think it had PPI i've always been too tight to take it out (part of me wishes i had just to get some bulk cash back in!!) and not sure on charges, i will have to look through the paperwork, if there are charges what can i do about them? we had received an offer letter from creation some time ago of 50% off the debt but we just didnt have the cash so it makes me think lowell have paid peanuts for it so they will take a low offer in the future?
  16. Hi We owe £3000 to Creation Finance and had agreed to pay £50pm some 2 years ago, we have paid on time each month and were happy to continue for now... But We have received a letter form Lowell bluntly stating that that they have purchased the debt and we have to pay them. I cancelled the Direct Debit to Creation so that they didnt receive the money and awaited for Lowell to contact us with a 'welcome pack'(!!!) We have now received a letter form Clarity stating Failed payment notice! Can we continue to pay the £50 pm to Lowell as we did to creation or are we at the mercy of Lowell now?? Many thanks
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