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  1. Thanks brig, so if I start repairing my credit now and keep my nose clean and the default which was applied in 2010 falls off in say July 2016 will my credit be ok in aug 2016? Hi dx, i have emailed a photo of the cca that i received from Mkrr today, could you do as before and remove personal details and put up? Thanks
  2. Ok will do, I've still got the incorrect default and loan agreement to go on though eh? Thanks! Evening! Can I ask a quick question, I have the dodgy default notice (posted on previous posts) also the credit agreement doesn't state correct info(again posted previously) I need to improve my credit as I want to remortgage in 2 years, can I get the welcome default removed because of the previous reasons?
  3. Ok thanks, there's plenty of pages though! I'll start them tomorrow in sections! Thank you so much, it's really appreciated! Emailed pages to you dx
  4. Unbelievable! They so prey on people in their hour of need. I look back now and think why did I do it! I really want to put them to shame now, it's disgusting! How can i get these statements etc to you? I think trying to upload will take forever with an iPad etc? Photos? I really would like you to take a look at them though!
  5. Evening gents, Sorry I'm snowed under at work so get limited time on here! Laptop broken so I can't scan ATM. I do have an ipad so I could take photos but that would take a while. I have two copies of all from Welcome so I am more than happy to pop them in the post or drop to you depending on where you are! With ref to the acceptance and broker fees the payment breakdown statement I received when SAR'd it's states the following; Credit/cash advance £127.33 Acceptance fee £3.99 Broker fee £12.73 Insurance £0.00 Total per month £144.05 (x180months) Right next to this breakdown it states the following Acceptance fee £235.00 Broker fee £750.00 Therefore if they say the above are the fees then why have they charged me 3.99 & 12.73 per month for 180months!!!!
  6. Ok thanks Dx I'll get them up, only prob is my laptop broke so need to get them up via iPad somehow! Just on one point you made in previous post, can they say acceptance fee and broker fee are one thing and then add them into the monthly so they are 4x more!?
  7. Sorry must have missed the bit about default letter, why won't I get it? I have 9 pages of Loan history do u want all of them? Can I post them to you!! I mentioned earlier about the acceptance fee and broker fee..wat doyou think to that? Thanks Dx by the way!
  8. There are 24 pages of 'activties' 1page of 'correspondence' and the loan history which I take to be the statements actually, the agreement Is very difficult to read and there is no default letter. I sent the request on the 19th May so 40 days not up yet. They have sent 2 copies of everything!
  9. The agreement is the same as I have and posted previously, there doesn't appear to be any statements, just computer print outs! There isn't the default notice either? Also I have just received a letter from MKRR stating they are unable to provide a CCA at this time and they will contact welcome!
  10. Just received SAR request back from Welcome, very difficult to read agreement, no sign of the default notice, and reams of 'siebel' (must be their operating systems name) data. Heavy reading/decifering! One thing I have noticed is the acceptance fee and broker fee have been added into the monthly payment! Broker fee total is £750.00 but over 180months = 12.73x180= 2291.40 and acceptance fee total is £235 but over 180months is 3.99x180= 718.20!!!!!! What do I need to look for in all of this? I'm unsure and don't want to miss a thing,
  11. Ha! Did they think 'game over' when they saw my request? I'm I right In thinking if they take longer than 7 working days it's unenforcable? Why do you think they haven't replied?
  12. Update--- sent a CCA to MKRR on the 19th May recorded delivery, confirmed delivered on the 20th May, Come back from holiday today and there is no CCA waiting for me! What now?
  13. OK, so i'm SARing Welcome? i have moved and they never caught up with me at this address, only mkrr have found me. Will this matter? i need to sign the SAR and include council tax for proof? CCA to mkrr, do not sign? and send blank po £1.
  14. hi dx, I haven't sent SAR or CCA yet as been on hols and planned to do it now i've returned! who is it best to contact? SAR welcome or CCA mkrr?
  15. Hi Just got back from holiday, not even had chance to SAR Welcome or CCA mkrr since our last conversation and i had the attached letter waiting for me. What is the best course of action now please? Thanks now uploaded as PDF!!!
  16. Hi, I haven't TRIED to hi jack, that makes its sounds like I did it on purpose! It's all very fasinating this welcome stuff and I really appreciate the help I'm receiving!
  17. Hmm now the first statement I have is dated September 2008 but I took the loan out in January so maybe I'm missing one? The initial loan amount is not far off the amount on the September statement so doesn't look like ppi on there, I did tick the box to say no ppi anyhow. .. If that makes a difference!!!
  18. so.. if the default notice is incorrect/unenforceable then it should never have been issued? does that mean i can request it be removed from my credit file? i also have the annual statements, can i claim anything back such as letter charges, etc o r should i just settle for getting rid of the debt?
  19. Thanks dx.. i'm gonna play devils advocate here a sec... OK so if i CCA them wouldn't it only confirm to them that i live here? and if they do send the agreement what good would that do if the default notice is wrong and the agreement has no total amount payable etc.anyhow? If they cant produce any docs is that game over too? Is the fact the default notice is wrong a watertight legit get out clause? and the details missing from the agreement? thanks
  20. i haven't paid anything since 2010 possibly 2009, why should i sar mkrr? is the dodgy default not enough to be game over? Thanks dx
  21. this is the original one, i signed it on 14/01/2008 they signed 24/01/2008
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