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  1. Thanks guys, Do what do I do now? Nothing? Or tell them about no T&Cs , Dodgy default, etc etc? Would like to get this sorted and closed really as want to move house and get new mortgage in a couple years which is when default will fall off. but if default is dodgy and no T&Cs then surely the CRA entry shoud be removed and default removed??
  2. Hi dx, Def no t&c's in original or SAR docs! But im just readingvall the letters welcome sent me and one dated 28/08/10 states that i have had a default notice served but i have then had another on the 4/10/10, how many can they serve? They both state account had been terminated but i still receive letters afterwards
  3. Wot no paddle?! So... In the SAR request there wasn't T&Cs, could they not just 'add'them in? The default notice info is not correct and there are items missing from the agreement. With all this in mind, what action do I take now? I received a phone call from raven and I told them contact by letter only so what do I do when they next write?
  4. You mean everything I've emailed you and you've put up? Do I need to do any more?
  5. So data cleanse is classed as a major revision? And I have no T&Cs from the time of signature? I have had a phone call from Raven recoveries, i told them correspondence in writing only, what shall I do now? Act on dodgy default? Ask for missing data? Thanks
  6. Account Opened22 July 2011*Last Updated1 October 2012* Account Number**************4598*Account TermsMonthly for 1m*Payments Started22 July 2011*Opening Balance£200*Lump PaymentNot Recorded*Current BalanceClosed 5 October 2012*Credit LimitNot Applicable*Monthly ChangeAccount Closed*Worst Status OK **The account has been settled/closed.*Default DateNot Defaulted*Account Holder StatusNormal*Account StatusNormal*Reported UntilOctober 2018*
  7. Hi renegadeimp, Just to confrm before I write letters to the compliance chap, is the record that is on my credit file which states the amount was repayed enough to get these muppets off my back or do I need more proof?
  8. The only thing I had from MKDP was the loan agreement front page, should I have had more from them? what does the data cleanse mean?
  9. Hi Brig, The CCJ still has almost 2years to run, I used check my file to see what it said as I thought it strange Experian didn't show it. But why doesn't it show on the trust file? Isn't that the one place you can be certain it's correct?
  10. It is a solicitors, I used them for a divorce and my ex took me for loads and couldn't afford the bill. I have just looked on 'mycreditfile' website and the CCJ is on there with the other two CRAs but not on experian, or the trust site. Who do I go by? If the CCJ isn't on the trust site does that mean its gone? And the two CRAs haven't updated recently?
  11. But since I don't owe them anything and the CRA says that too would it not be easier to send them a 'proof it' letter and a 'don't set foot on my doorstep' letter. Chances are that if they did turn up I would be at work and don't really want my wife or kids answering! I'm more than happy to tell them where to go!
  12. Hi renegadeimp, Have received another email,in junk folder from mmiles stating that they have sent Instructions to doorstep collections! I have looked back on my credit file and I had a £200 payday loan with swift who these muppets are working for. It states it was settled in full with no problems and account normal! What course of action do I take now? I don't want them coming to my home and upsetting my family so shall I send the doorstep letter? What else can I do to stop these chancers?
  13. Also I checked the trust online! Now,I did check equifax back in jan this year and it was there and also my ex wife as a financial connection now sat night on credit expert both have disappeared!
  14. Ha Dx! No its not Welcome for a change!! It's a solicitors which I had to use but because I had so much financial trouble during a divorce, I couldn't even pay them so they took me to court and got a charging order, it was only for £1200 and I am slowly paying a tenner a month and also there's no chance they would ever be able to exercise the charge due to other factors involved so maybe they think ts not worth even chasing?
  15. Hi I'm stunned tonight... . I have had a ccj for A couple years and paying it off slowly, I have just checked my credit file on experion and then on the trust online site and it's gone! Vanished! I've had no notice from the creditor, nothing! Can anyone explain! Again sorry but I can't understand it!
  16. Hmmm sounds good!, can I not ask for a Cca? Or send the doorstep letter?
  17. I'm not worried about **** like this and kick them down the street but what if they turn up at my home and my wife/kids answer and I'm not there? In my dark days I have had to use payday loans and retry damn sure I settled them up! Haven't used them for some 4 years.
  18. Hi, I have just noticed in my junk mail 3 emails from mile.com!, the latest one states that my continued default will be reported to all 3 CRA's! And they are looking at doorstep visits! I have absolutely no idea what these bunch of jerks are on about!!!! They have even spelt my name wrong! What is the best course of action for me to take?
  19. Ok I'll scan them up, gonna take some time though! Or is it something in particular your looking for on them?
  20. MKRR ave been chasing but only 3 letters and nothing heavy, I'll check on comms log from welcome but I'm sure I emailed everything to you from SAR? There is an activities log and a correspondence log is that what your looking for Dx?
  21. Thanks Dx but which is post 15? Their not numbered? Found it Dx! Sorry, So is the CCA agreement legit? Everything ok with it? You mentioned before about the interest being outrageous is this something I can attack them with? You said when u looked at the full Sar that it was very revealing, what can I do with that now? Shall I put up the default notice? Sorry for the questions but I want to put this this whole sorry situation which has plagued me for 7years plus to bed! I feel I'm so close but I just need you guys to elaborate for me please! How do I approach MKRR now?
  22. Thanks for putting it up Dx, so they have a copy of the CCA but it's a terribe copy but also there is no total amount payable? Can someone take a look and see if it's above board and legal?? I also have a DN notice which has 14 days from Date of letter, what should I do now? Anyone?
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