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  1. also, date of default notice says 05/10/2010 pay within 14 days but on the credit file the default was applied on the 04/10/2010! thanks dx, had a voicemail left today but deleted it too quick...! it was from from a company called west- something or other, ring any bells? thats why im back on here agin just to see whether i still just sit sstill and see out default? if i want to look at selling property what can i do to get rid of the 2nd charge?
  2. Hi All!! its been a while, just checked my credit file(my credit monitior) and MKDP are still there as holders of the secured debt which they purchased from Welcome, it says Residential Second Mortgage Account status: Default Date last updated: 18/07/2015 Account opened: 24/01/2008 Account opening balance: -- Repayment frequency: Monthly Default date: 04/10/2010 Original default balance: £0 As you mentioned previously in this thread they cant do jack as they cant provide CCA and default is incorrect so can i not insist this is removed as every month a big 'D' appears on my file!
  3. Yeah that's what I thought, I'm pretty sure the first 3 nationwide abbey and a&l are ppi free but the rest are dodgy dealers so I wouldn't put it past them and as they are 2004 onwards hopefully they still haves the info! Is it 12 years for secured?
  4. Thanks nunny! Is it possible to go back as far as 1999?
  5. Hi Really sorry to ask a question many have probably asked before!!! Where do I start with PPI!! I have managed to find out through the Land Registry all of the Secured loans and mortgages i've had on my property since I purchased it in 1999 but I don't have all of the account details I just have the dates. What is the best way of going about this? am I likely to have more success with some more than others? am I wasting my time if I don't have the account numbers? The companies that had secured loans/mortgages are from 1999 Nationwide, 2001 Abbey & A&L, then 2004 Future, 2005 Endevour (which changed to London Personal), 2005 Kensington, 2007 GMAC which changed to Mortgage Agency Services within a month! there is a mention of Southern Pacific Loans but I never took a loan with them!! Any help greatfully received
  6. ok, so i have the dates from Land Reg, i send of a SAR with a £10 cheque to Endevour or HFC or HSBC? Future or Citigroup? Kensington still trading? London Personal loans- they still around? as always dx your help is most appreciated!!!
  7. lovely!! shall i SAR or CCA them? the 2004 ones will they still have info?
  8. well i did a little initial digging anyhow and found out who had mortgages on my house as i couldn't remember them all!! MASno5 , GMAC, KENSINGTON, FUTURE and a couple of loans ENDEVOUR, LONDON PERSONAL and SOUTHERN PACIFIC all of these since 2004( you can tell i ran into financial issues cant you!! its like a who's who of robbers!!) although i cant remember Southern pacific and i'm sure my ex-wife took out Endeavor when we split without my consent!! I'm interested to see if there could be PPI on them or other dodgy stuff so can i still SAR back to 2004? can i claim PPI back that far? Sorry if its in the wrong forum!
  9. good work Mulder!! (or scully) i'll join you on this one.
  10. Munirs, Do you have any idea what it will help you with? PPI? my GMAC mortgage was sold to MA5 within 6 months of me having it so i dont quite know, before GMAC i was with Kensington...
  11. nope, i haven't done anything i just looked at the webpage!!
  12. Hi Munirs! I took a look at the site but i thought it was a trap!! what happens when you 'click'?
  13. Hi dx Yeah according to ofgem they have to notify you 42-49 days before the end of the tariff, the woman i spoke to got really aggressive with me when i asked her to provide me with the letter notifying me the deal was ending, she couldn't find it!! I'm expecting a call back from them tomorrow!
  14. Evening All, Does anyone know how the energy companies are supposed to inform you your tariff/deal is coming to an end?? Mine (Scottish Power) came to an end October 31st 2014 but i didn't receive any letter/email 42-49 day prior to this date informing me it was ending. I received (via SP online portal) an annual statement on 4th November and included in this was one line stating 'you may want to think about changing' Then on the 2nd December i received an email (again via the Scottish Power portal) that my tariff had changed!! I know its March now but i didn't read the Statements at the time but if there had been an email telling me that my tariff was ending then i would have changed straight away! I'm now stuck on Standard online tariff paying through the nose and because i didn't notice until now and i'm in debt as i haven't paid enough on my direct debit each month so if i want to change then i've got to pay up £200!! I phoned SP and got fobbed off by telling me a load of bull which was total lies, so much so that the woman i spoke to hung up on me as she knew she was lying!! unbelievable!!!
  15. I'm unsure, sorry, either credit expert or check my file, one Accurate, one not I hear you say!! Would that make a difference?
  16. Hmmm... Ok i see now, So basically they will default if i start asking for proof of agreement etc?
  17. I tell ya, thems cheeky buggers! I wonder how many people fall for it! So...i still sit still and do norhing? Gulp!
  18. Hi renegade, What should i ask mmf for in my letter? Proof of credit agreement ?
  19. Hi dx, Just received the attached letter, looks like its moved to the guy in the office next to the other guy in the office! What should i do now? Can i hit them with a letter?
  20. Ok will do, but do you have a letter i can send? Wording isnt my strong point! Much appreciated
  21. Well when i received the MKRR ' final letter and we are now considering our options and will send to litigation dept' some months ago and now this Raven ' this really is the really final letter' then i thought they arent serious!! Do i need to do anything? Do you think they know about the dodgy default , t&cs missing etc and thats why they are just sending threats?
  22. Hi Dx and all, Its been a couple of months but hopefully all the correspondence is on here so you can refresh yourself! Here is the latest letter from Raven, what should i do now? From our previous chats you hopefully remember that i have a dodgy default notice, missing info on the CCA and no t&c's were provided when i asked from MKRR, Thanks
  23. Hi All, hadn't contacted mmf since last letter and the above has arrived today, the letter seems full of b£!!sh1t but im not sure how to reply with a letter to them can anyone help? As you can see from my previous notes my credit file states this debt is settled,any imput on what to reply with would be great ta,
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