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  1. Ive read it but it's not really making any sense to me? I never went to court, I have now got all the old paperwork out of the loft! Sorry to be a pain - could u tell me in leymans terms?!
  2. It's a charge listed under same section as mortgage - is there some particular wording I'm looking for? Would there be a difference between interim and full charging order?
  3. informed when it's too late..! and they'd never get a penny cos it would be my wife's as per solicitors agreement we had done! they're testing the water, there's no money as no equity. Hopefully they'll get back in their box!! Is there anything else they can do? Bankruptcy?- I have no money. CCJ? - I have never had a CCJ from them even though they have a charge - could that mean the charge is interim not full?
  4. Hi Martin yeah I recently had a welcome finance charge removed!! Chuffed to bits that happened but opened the door to these chancers!! I believe you're correct on it relating only to that property. I wasn't with my wife when this all started and she put a considerable amount of cash into our home there wouldn't be anything here for them as any equity is hers and I believe wife could refuse to have charge? Also any charge would only be a restriction as its a joint mortgage so they'd never get any money that way!!
  5. Yeah that's what I thought, there wouldn't be anything left! they can't then decide to take a different route once they realise there's no money in the property? My home I live with wife and kids can't be touched? will they not know there's no money until court or will I have to provide info before hand? I haven't had contact with them for 7 years, why do you think they've suddenly written now?
  6. So if they are threatening to force sale now and there isn't any equity then they can't do anything? I have another property I live in with wife and kids they can't touch that or get charge on that?
  7. I heard that the court looks at 6 yrs bring adequate time without contact even on secured? Why have they contacted me now? Many thanks!
  8. thanks for the quick reply martin! the LR states under section C along with mortgage there is a registered charge , am i looking for particular wording? There was never a CCJ - well at least it never showed on my credit file and im not aware of one! and i never went to court for any of this! like i mentioned this was an individual business and his solicitor that i was fighting just thinking .. if there was never a CCJ issued but they got a charge put on my property is that secured or unsecured? is it possible to get a charge added without a CCJ being issued?? there has been no payment or contact for 6 years!!
  9. Hi all! A long story short ( i have touched on it previously some time ago) im happy to expand on the details if you want. I have a charging order on my property, there is no CCJ and its not from a financial institution. Ex landlord who i rented a shop from and business collapsed. He wanted £15K from me i said no way so he got a charging order attahced in 2008. i paid a small amout of money each month but then stopped in 2009 and had last contact with him in 2010. Now he has suddenly had his solicitor write to me stating if i dont pay they will push for sale of the property. he wants £20K inc interest. even though he has a charge against my property is there a limitation on how long it can be chased? ie 6 years? i have heard that the court feels 6 years is enough time to chase? is this correct and would that tie in with why i have suddenly heard from the creditor? i thought there is a 12 year limitation on secured but would like clarification. There is no equity in the property - perhaps £5k but after fees etc there would be none so it seems pointless he is chasing all of a sudden? Is it a coincidence that its 6 years almost since last contact?? I have recently had a welcome charge removed from the property could they have looked and now think there is the equity available? there is no CCJ, im thinking maybe the order is interim? Help!!
  10. So if I remortgaged and took out a joint mortgage then sold? If I don't remortgage and just sell would I get away with it? Thanks
  11. What's a restriction? I want to risk selling it but don't want solicitor to notify them b4 sale goes through?
  12. No problem dx ask away! I really appreciate your help in this complicated situation! It's a sole mortgage in my name, I rent it out as I have a family home.
  13. i need to approach a solicitor to see about selling but im nervous about asking if they will overlook the charges on the property ( welcome being one of them) any advice?? or do you reckon Welcome will remove it soon?
  14. Why do think my charge wasn't removed? They don't know they still got charge? Or they reckon they can get something? Thanks
  15. Hi all, I have received a letter today a notice of assignment from a company called Robinson Way they say they have taken the debt from MKDP, Is there anything I need to be weary of or is it business as usual? If MKDP Thought they'd get anything they would have kept it?
  16. and the solicitor wont think it wrong if i tell them not to mention it? will any solicitor do this?
  17. Ok and that goes for any charge if the creditor is no longer around?
  18. Ok and that goes for any charge if the creditor is no longer around?
  19. Ok thanks will do but just before I leave u in peace.... When it leaves my credit file on the 6th birthday what happens to the charge? Even if MKDP don't know it's there, how do I sell the house?
  20. Ok thanks will do but just before I leave u in peace.... When it leaves my credit file on the 6th birthday what happens to the charge? Even if MKDP don't know it's there, how do I sell the house?
  21. Evening dx, I think i need to get a plan of action now because if i just leave this ticking over then every month i will just get a default on my credit file for ever more..infinitely? if Welcome have the charge on my property but they sold the debt to MKDP then surely there shouldnt be a Welcome charge anymore? If MKDP bought the debt then should the charge be in their name? can they do this? I take it MKDP bought this debt for nothing so they shoot at many a barn door until they hit one and the person they are chasing gives in?? I really want to put this to bed (and leave you in peace!) what do you recommend i do?? Also-- it is westcot calling, haven't spoken to them. . Who would they calling for? Would they have bought it from MKDP?
  22. hmmm the plot thickens! what can i do? is this ever going to go away? i would like to possibly sell the house but how can i if the mortgage is the same as the value! the other charge is something i need to look at too... i really feel i was conned into letting this happen.. . is there someone on here thst could maybe help me? its complicated though and from a failed business , the charge is the landlord.
  23. This is what i have just taken from the register, The mortgage company and other are on 'B' - note is says title absolute? Welcome are under 'C' B: Proprietorship Register This register specifies the class of title and identifies the owner. It contains any entries that affect the right of disposal. Title absolute C: Charges Register This register contains any charges and other matters that affect the land.
  24. Evening dx, I have today checked the land reg again, it states in the registry extract that there are two lenders - one being the mortgage company and the other being a business that put a charge on my property (even though they arent lenders they reckon i owed them money) There is no Welcome or MKDP on this section. If you move down to the proprietorship register it again only states the 2 that i have mentioned- mortgage and dodgy business. If you then move down to the charges register then you get the original builders, home owner etc and Welcome are on this, What does this all mean? is it that the only charges on the property are the 2 in the proprietorship and the the charges register are old charges? thanks
  25. yeah it had disappeared from Credit file when it said Welcome and then came back as MKDP! Westcott are MKDP in disguise?
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