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  1. I'm new to this and got directed here for help. I am tiring to sort out my sister's debt problem, so a brief history My sister was working in France for a couple until 8 months ago when all three of them where involved in a fatal car accident, Husband of the couple ( French national )was killed, wife and my sister ( rear seat passenger ) where severely injured. My sister had to spend nearly 8 weeks in a french hospital before she could be returned to the UK. Now to the point, in the course of this time period she has racked up some debts and is being chased for them, she is in no fit sate to deal with them as she is still recovering at my home. I am tiring to get her debt problem sorted before she returns home. What are my options as I'd like to try and get them sorted, I have access to her computer and bank details. Regards Mike
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