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  1. I have a loan on which I am currently up to date. I have had arrears in the past and for a period of 12 months was up to 2 cumulative payments in arrears. I had arrangements to clear lasting 6 months at a time each and they were back to back. At the end of the first arrange I had a terrible month at work (self employed so does get bumpy) so was still behind so came to a second arrangement. After complaining about something recently the lender has defaulted me as of 13 months ago and refunded me all interest charged in between. The are saying that as I was in arrears for more than 6 consecutive months I am in default. I though I couldn't be defaulted if I was less than 3 months cumulatively in arrears. They are clarifying with their legal and credit team. Anyone out their know the answer?
  2. In February 2012 I rang O2 to close my account as I had a business phone and no longer required two mobile phones. I was paying my bills manually and there were no outstanding bills on that date that I called to cancel my contract. I was not informed of any final bills during this phone call and none were sent to me at my home address. In Sept 2012 I received a letter from Westcot debt collection regarding an outstanding amount owed to O2 of just under £47. I rang O2 to confirm this was true and subsequently paid the amount. In February 2013 I checked my credit file to notice a default had been registered on my account in August 2012. I have had several conversations over the last year with the credit referral team and customer services but have found them thoroughly un-helpful. Why I was not written to between Feb and Aug 2012 to notify of the debt and intention to record a default is beyond me as I would have paid upon notification. Apparently everything was posted to my O2 online account which as I was no longer an O2 customer I had no need to log into. I had been a customer for almost 10 years without a problem and my wife is still a customer but am seriously considering moving her to another company as this default is affecting our ability to obtain credit. I am sending an SAR to fully review the particulars of this situation. Any help would much appreciated.
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