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  1. Well not had anything, this is the first thing we've had and we're trying to get it sorted. I was off work for over 8 months and no letters or phone calls.
  2. Thanks joesephbloggs I'm not disputing that we probably owe somebody money and will be happy to set up a plan to pay it off just need to find out what it's for. So if I pay the £252 then would need to contact Cabot to set up the payment plan? If we couldn't pay the £252 what would happen? We wouldn't be able to pay the remaining balance over a short term so what is an N245 and would we need to go to court for that one. Has anybody had any dealings with Cabot are they vultures or fairly easy to deal with Thanks again
  3. I've no idea who the CCJ is with. The balance outstanding is £8960 if and when I make the payment of £252 Sorry for the confusion
  4. Afternoon everyone I'm after some advice please. Today we have received a warrant of control from our local court (dated 6th but post marked 9th October) saying we have until Monday 19th October to pay an amount of £252.25 (balance after payment £8960.58). It says the creditor is Cabot Financial and can only assume this is the debt collection agency rather than the financial institute that we would originally have had an account with. Can any of you lovely people suggest what I can do with this. As it is due Monday was thinking of paying the £252 which would give us
  5. Thanks very much, there is an e-mail address on the letter left so will get that sent over to them now and i'll let you know what hear back
  6. Hi I currently have mortgage arrears and have a court order for suspension of eviction in place where i have to pay extra each month. In December my payment was a bit late but it has been made, I have received a letter, dated 24.12.2013, from my mortgage company that they have passed my details to a company called Ascent Contact. This company have now visited my home and left a letter asking me to contact them to "discuss my arrears". the letter states there is a charge of £70+vat if I meet them, if i refuse to meet them a charge of £40+vat will be debited to my loan to cover the cost
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