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  1. Hi, I have finally been refunded the £235 from Marston. Marston were very unhelpful/robotic/rude when spoken to and felt that the £235 was legitimate. They have not responded to any emails therefore giving no explanation to the reasoning for the refund other than being asked to do it by a Parking Officer at Kirklees Council. It seems like they do what they like regardless of the regulations. See below for the email exchange with the council. It shows the timeline of the letters and when it was passed on to Marston therefore showing the lack of attempts they make to actual
  2. It's an interesting case. A precedent definitely needs to be set. From everything I've read it feels like I've had the £235 taken from me unlawfully (rather than it being the bailiff's interpretation of the law vs ours), am I definitely correct in thinking this as the standards/regulations appear to clearly explain how they should be operating? Thanks again for the time and interest you've all put into this.
  3. Hi. Personally I would prefer to keep it open and I'll continue to post updates and any responses I receive. It may help someone else? I'm having to work in small chunks due to child care commitments over the summer hols. It's very frustrating that I have been scammed out of £235 despite the simple guidance that is in place, yet I feel that I am going to be up against the whim of a few individuals when it comes to being able reverse something that following logic and common sense shouldn't be an issue. I felt that the £235 was wrong, even spoke to the guy about it and he blatantly BS'd me desp
  4. Hi. After waking at 0330hrs continually thinking about this I have collated the following info. The following options have been suggested to me: -(In the first instance, you should write to Marston direct) -(submit an Out of Time witness statement to the Traffic Enforcement Centre - issue being incorrect address on log book and potential costs if rejected) http://pilesadvice.co.uk/index/traffic-enforcement-centre-tec/out-of-time-witness-statement -(You need to contact the council that issued the PCN) -(if nothing works contact Local Government Ombudsman) I intend to send this
  5. Hi. Thanks so much for taking your time to reply. Very much appreciated after what has happened today. The people who bought our house actually messaged my partner regarding what he'd delivered to them, in person, and then they posted it (but didn't knock) to us late afternoon. They say they've being doing, "return to sender". Regarding the dvla and the council, the dvla did have the new address via her driver's licence but they must not check that database even though the fine was in her name. I'll speak to the council and email Marston as per your advice tomorrow. It sounds great t
  6. Hi, Thanks for having a look at this. In hindsight I'm a bit confused about what happened earlier when a bailiff turned up at my door. We moved house 3 years ago. My other half didn't update the address on her car's log book, only her driver's licence. She got clamped/fined in September 2016 and updated the log book address. Fair enough, our mistake, it's a pity that we didn't have warning letters forwarded to us but hey ho. Today a bailiff turned up regarding a PCN for driving on a taxi only street in June 2016. Again, we hadn't received any previous correspondence reg
  7. reply from CaB: Thank you for your enquiry to the Citizens Advice consumer service dated 07/01/2014. Your reference number for this case is AW ....... and should be quoted in all further correspondence regarding this case. We understand from your email that a fridge freezer has been delivered damaged and you want to know your rights. Based on the information you have provided the key points in response to your enquiry are as follows: Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979 (As Amended) all goods supplied by a trader to a consumer must be of a satisfactory quality, fit
  8. Thanks. Sounds positive. Awaiting reply from CAB. I hate this s##t!
  9. I have recently had a new bathroom, completed 12/12/13. The company that we used provided us with a verbal quote of £1400 to install a new bathroom suite, tile the walls, and install the flooring. We did not receive a written quote. We were asked to purchase the bathroom suite (toilet, sink, bath, towel rail, electric shower, shower curtain, toilet roll holder, waste pipes x 2), the tiles, and the flooring. We paid the final invoice (£1400. Full invoice details: "Labour only to install new bathroom suite and associated tiling") despite our reservations regarding the
  10. just had a quick look at a money co uk article on section 75. Sounds like another way of applying pressure? But it did mention....... The Debit Chargeback scheme does, however, offer some protection for purchases made on Visa and Mastercard debit cards. This scheme enables you to obtain a refund from your debit card provider if any purchase you make on your card is unsatisfactory, doesn’t arrive or is faulty. It also protects you if your card is used fraudulently. However, unlike Section 75 there is no legal obligation for providers to fulfil this protection so placing a claim w
  11. I hoped/thought that their 'good will gesture' was an admission of fault. I'm sure this has no legal footing in their eyes though. I just keep thinking that if I had decided to buy second hand or buy a known damaged item I would not pay very much. I also think that if I wanted to sell it today, regardless of depreciation as soon as it left the warehouse, the damage significantly reduces the value of the item. I have never bought a white goods item of this cost or brand new from a high street vendor and expected 110% service and a pristine item. I am encouraged that I seem to h
  12. I was not given any opportunity to inspect the goods. They asked where we wanted it and we left them to it. It was delivered on the day we moved house just after we'd received the keys to the new house. To say we were distracted is an understatement. Yes the engineer did make a note of it and Zanussi seem to have only picked up on this and ignored my initial issue (the salad drawer(!) that I complained about before I even know about the other damage). I am still awaiting a reply for final confirmation on the salad drawer. They have told me to go back to Currys regarding the dent.
  13. Hi, I received a damaged Zanussi fridge/freezer from Currys (approx 26th Oct 2013). Significant dent to side of item, near the bottom next to the motor. Unpacked and installed into fitted kitchen by delivery men. Damage only noticed 4 weeks later when the fridge/freezer was slid out due to an electrician needing to access the wall behind it. The item had not been moved prior to this since installation. Zanussi assigned an engineer to inspect the item due to an ill fitting salad drawer and commented that the dent looked as though the item "had been dropped". C
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