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  1. Not to sure what you mean, but £90 is a lot of money to me,even if it isnt to some judge. I find it annoying that the bank are quick to take money of you, yet reluctant to give it back. I can honestly say that i personally cannot justify the £90 for the sake of £37, are they taking the p***. I have all the statements which confirm that...... I am even more worried now, what is the worse case senario...... will i not get a penny back?
  2. Hi Not sure if i have dione the right thing here, but here goes. I have gone through all the correct procedures & finally have sent a claim to court for £1456 (inc. interest & court fees). However Halifax have just called me to say that my claim is incorrect & i have tried to claim back before the 6 year mark, they gave me an offer of £1366 over the phone. I declined, as the charges go back to Feb 2000 & there is just one for £25 (£37+ inc interest) so as a matter of principle i said i'd see them in court. Now i'm worried what will happen & if i have done t
  3. Hi I too have just been served a Section 21 - Notice to Quit from my landlord. I'm gutted as we have not long since decorated this house. I have 3 children & I really don't need the upheaval & 2 months is not long really to get sorted. I told this to the Homeless section, asked if i really need to be out in 2 months, they told me that i don't, if i don't move then my landlord will have to take me to court for not moving, then again at a later date to have me evicted. It could take 6 months - 1 year to eventually get me out & it will be at the landlords expense. Finger
  4. Hi Sent of my DPA on 22nd June, however received a letter today saying that HSBO plc are under no oligation to keep a record of the information requested & they cannot assist me any further. What shall i do?? Any advice anyone..........
  5. Thankyou very much for that.... Although i am still confused, does this mean that they will not pay my charges back if they have automatically been charged, or is it just a tactic for them to try & get out of it & hope i go away???
  6. Hi Halifax have sent me a letter this morning in response to my DPA, along with a request for the £5 statement fee. It states 'The majority of transactions on your account are automated and all application of charges is automated. The only manual intervention around charges would be when a refund is made.' Can anybody shed any light on what this means?
  7. Hi I have just started my claim & i'm curious, do Halifax try it on & offer a ridiculous 'good will gesture' ?
  8. Hi I sent my DPA letter/email 23rd June, received a letter today asking for £5 statement charge, authorised that online so hopefully i may hear something soon. I'm just on with reading about other peoples experiences & advice, would like to be clued up incase it goes to court.................
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