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  1. That's a Farnborough Hants number for your interest. No they can't restrict it to 6 months warranty. The standard is 12 months. I live in this "Clowns" area and the are nothing but "Bad news". .............. The "SOS" brigade. ............. Short for "Steal Our Savings" Try Trading Standards if not then I would join forces with the other CAGGERS on here and go down the "Goods not fit for purpose" route
  2. Thank you CB I've all ways found the advice and support on CAG to be second too none and I've tried to advise on subjects along those lines. At first I was trying to "reason" with Mum....... But you can't. I was ending up in confrontation . ..... A very bad move. You are better off "agreeing" with their incorrect statement or comment and then change the subject. ...... Why ?? Because dementia patience short term memory is very short (5 - 6 minutes). When "tested" my Mum scored 11 out of 30. She knew her name, but not her date of birth or address but did know she was in England Dementia was described to me in a way that I think might help others. Imagine a very tall bookcase. ........Let's say it is 30 feet tall with shelves at every foot. So 30 shelves. On the top shelf are all the newest memories and on the bottom shelf are the oldest memories. Now you have to imagine the memories from the top shelf falling into the second and third shelves and so on down the 30 shelves. This process is carrying on daily until the whole "bookcase" becomes a complete "jumble" For instance: I said to Mum. "Those are nice shoes". and she replied with. "Yes my Dad got me these when I was 6". Yet I know I'm looking at a style of shoe from the last 10 years. (If I could find a pair of shoes that would last my Wife 80 years someone tell me where !!!!!!! ) :-D I hope this helps someone
  3. They can't do that. They would have to apply to the council first and ask for changes from the original planing aplication
  4. antone and tawnyowl, Thank you for you kind words I've found a very good care firm in West Sussex who are very accommodating and I can not fault them ( I know I can not name them because of Site rules) We have contacted McMillen nurses and the local hospice but Dads wishes are to die at home but with my "Mother" wandering about muttering and the constant stream of swear words interjected into every sentence, I'm not sure this is going to be best for him !! You are correct tawnyowl on all of you post above: "Lonely" very true. My mind is consumed with removing "triggers" as far as "Mum" goes. Hiding veg in the garage because she will start cooking it at 10.00 hrs. Or news papers because she will try to light a wood burner. "Before it effects me". .......... Trust me on this one. ......... Plenty and I do mean plenty of fuel in the tank and ammo in back up. If the Site Team feel I've "hijacked" this thread and I'm detracting from tawnyowl's original objective then do feel free to move me. Regards to all F16
  5. Well after 35 years + in the building game I've had to shelve the trowel and hang up the hard hat !!!! My Mum has dementia which my Dad has been trying to "hide" for 4 years since I noticed it. My Dad has cancer and I've taken him to all the chemo sessions for the last 6 months. .......... Hence my lack of input on this site. So I've become a full time carer in the last 6 months spending 5 days "on site" as I used too say, and 2 at home. Dad has only "months" left. .............. Mean while I have got my "Mum" muttering and whispering under her breath but I can hear it. "Wish he would just go back in to hospital and die" "Sick of his voice" "Just keeps prattling on" The list is endless. Most aimed at me but a lot aimed at my Dad. I honestly "stereotyped" carers as having an "easy" life. ........... How wrong was I. The toughest gig mentally I've ever dealt with ........... Trust me I've had some tough ones !! I now respect everyone in the "care" industry. I start at 07.45 and finish at 22.00. A thank less job as far as "Mum" is concerned ... Di sing me and Dad out by the minute, but then Dad is so great full for the help. My advice to any one in this situation. ............ Keep moving forward. I'am like a "Sherman Tank" Trust me !!!!!!!
  6. The PPI reclaim will be in excess of £5000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!! That I know from experience. Let alone the late fees, letter fees and visit charges. As DX advised. .......... SAR them. You owe them nothing. ........ They owe you.
  7. It will be the OR who will deal with this for you. Once this is done the "millstone" around your neck will be gone It will show on your credit rating for 6 years then that will be clean. I wish you the best of luck
  8. DRP normally pass it to Zenith collections. They write to you with another couple of "begging" letters with "reduced" amounts being asked for. See what others advise. ........ and Good Luck !!!!
  9. There ya go. ........... Move Forward. ........... He is affecting your access and that of the emergency services. Once the Police knock on his door things will move !!!!!!!!!! Dirty reflectors ?????????? Worn tyres ? Unreadable number plate ??? You know the score Get the Police involved. You're . So move it forward. The dust will settle and you will win
  10. You'd proper want this "Goon" in your road if your house was on fire or a medical emergency. ...... NOT !!!!!!!!!!! Like I said. ..... POLICE time
  11. Obstructing the footpath is an offence in it's self !!!!!!!!!!! Get the Police involved
  12. marigold2015, A very warm welcome to CAG. I read your post and I can hardly see it for tears. My heart goes out to you. I understand where your coming from I think you should consider seeing your Doctor because you sound depressed and with all this going on it is understandable. You will find a lot of support and good advice on CAG with poeple who will "guide" you through the nightmare. ............ Trust me your in very safe hands :-D
  13. You will need to read the cancellation "small print" in the contract
  14. I don't have the crystal ball ............. But I think I see MET Parking coming in on a "flat spin" on this !!! Signage worded by some uneducated goon in a backroom :lol:
  15. biuebox39 Head the letter "appeal" and word it as per ericsbrothers advice (post # 4) Note : you word the letter as the "Keeper" and speak of the "driver" as the "third" person. EG : The driver informs me that he purchased a ticket. They will reject your first appeal but have to provide a POPLA code or IAS code when you get the chance of a second "appeal". Send the letter "proof of posting" That's when you hit them with the fact their machine would not accept £2 coins etc Good Luck
  16. 02/09/2015 "(offence)". .............. 12/09/2015 "NTK" . .................. 10 days so this is an ANPR job and they are "in time". ....... 14 days max from "offence" to "NTK". Any chance you could post up photos of the signage at the entrance and the one on "the door" ???????????? Because that is the "basis" of their contract with you.
  17. "If's, buts and maybes". ........... Are you sure ????????????? Well in that case . No one needs "insurance" of any kind. Car, Home, Life ................ The list is endless. Because it's all "If's, buts and maybes". I'm talking "probabilities" here and now and not "If's, buts and maybes". How many have "criminal records" ?? Murderers, rapists or pedophiles ?? They all have "no" paper work", no records, nothing that can be checked. "Faith" ? Faith with regards too what ? You will need to "expand" the point. ..Please
  18. I don't think that there is any "legal action" you can take because I assume the length of time the job would take was "verbal". That said. ........... You go round the whole job with a "fine tooth comb" and make a "snagging list". Mark each "snag" with a "Light" pencil X. You pay "Him" when the "snags list" is completed. Do not part with your money before !!! Good Luck. ............. Keep us updated please..
  19. Conniff's post #179 : Is as stated a "very plausible one". I agree with that comment. We (and that includes you) have no idea who are being allowed to enter this Country. Are they members of Isis ?? Some of them ??? I don't know the answer. .............................. Do you ??????????????? Your post # 180 Quoted above : Well we all know that " boogeymen" do not exist. So your comment was either one of the below. 1 : A joke. 2 : A cheap shot at another member of site team. Either way. ........... It's not adding too the "debate"
  20. Sounds like the "decorator" you paid 75% of the money to, subcontracted the job to the guy doing the work now and from what you have said the job is too big for him and he knows that there is "no money" left in the job. Have you tried sitting down and "talking" to him to find out where the original 2 went that you had the contract with ??? If you speak calmly to him then I think you will find out what has happened and how to move forward EDIT: My bet is that the original 2 contractors had jobs lined up working in Schools during the holiday period. There is "big" money in those contracts. ......... But they have to be finished or the contractor pays a penalty for each day he is "over" the contract
  21. I think the ref. no. XXXXXXXX Post # 1 Paragraph 4 should be removed. Could ID the Poster
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