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  1. Thanks for your input Jamberson, Yes what you say is very right, i'll probably just have to pay, but it is still extortion in reality though. I had good will to comply and actually had two permits one for the next day too as i was staying over night, and the other car is in my name so they could easily tell I simply made a mistake, but as a for profit business they are only interested in extorting the money. Thanks for your advice much appreciated.
  2. Hey guys, just hoping for some advice. I received a parking ticket for being in residents permit holders. I had displayed a one day visitors parking permit but had stupidly put the number plate of my old car in the license plate section. I wrote to the council saying that fair play should be considered as clearly an attempt to comply was made but a stupid error occurred, they have written back saying that I haven't made grounds for cancellation of the PCN. Do I have a leg to stand on here with regard to contract law, this is clearly a case of them extorting me for the money with
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