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  1. Would this letter be okay? WITHOUT PREJUDICE: Dear Sir/Madam Re: Claim number: XXXXXXX I write with reference to the money which you are claiming on the above account. I can confirm that I am unable to offer to pay the money which I owe in full. A relative is prepared to offer me £1300. I want to offer this sum as an ex-gratia payment, in full and final settlement of the account. The offer from my relative will not be available forever and my relative will not make the payment unless the offer is accepted. I feel that this amount is fair for both parties as X
  2. I received an initial letter in November and went to see Citizens Advice who told me to go see a debt charity who I managed to see in December. It would have cost £80 to file a defence on the website which I didnt have as I have been getting overtaxed. I kind of buried it under the carpet a bit because I was stressed, which is my own fault, and received another letter to work towards the end of December whilst I was on Christmas leave. When I came back I had a letter saying that the court judgement had been passed and I needed to pay it by 31st January. The compan
  3. Yes, I left my job to go travelling. I was out of the country from August to March. When I started this job in October they found the address and sent a letter here.
  4. The letter has already come saying that I have until 31st Jan to pay it and then get taken off the register (?). I am in my mid twenties so being unable to get credit would affect me when I eventually want to buy a house, so I want to settle it in time. Also they contacted me at my work address and I am worried about repossesers turning up here and the whole thing is causing a lot of stress. Unfortunately I already mentioned the loan option to them in an email yesterday, but the amount I would be able to borrow is limited. I currently earn minimum wage.
  5. Thank you. I cant see the redirect - where is it?
  6. I found out a couple of months ago that I was being chased for £2866 from a CCJ. It was to do with a work overpayment a year ago. I have recently received a letter from the court saying it has to be paid by the end of Jan. I am going to take out a loan to pay it and suggested a settlement. The debt recovery agency has asked me to suggest an amount. How much should I say? The debt is for £2866, some of that was added to it which I think is unfair as the company I worked for never contacted me before I heard from the CCJ. Also as it was overpayment I feel that I wan
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