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  1. yes that is correct my wife knew nothing about a hearing. We have arranged to both take the day off work tomorrow and go down to the court. We have been reading more into this Stat. Dec. and we have read that we can get it signed infront of a solicitor and then posted to the courts? IF this is correct it would be much better for us, do you know anything about this? If the Stat Dec is granted. What is my next step? How can i recover this money? Thanks
  2. would sombody point me in the right direction? i am looking to file a statutory declaration. How do i do this? I am also looking to put in a complaint about the officer that attended. Where would be best for me to put in my complaint? thanks
  3. wouldnt call it spam but ok. My daughter has just showed me a sound clip of the bailiff and i am just horrified! another strange thing which my daughter told me. After my daughter told the bailiff how old she was, The bailiff said "your names kelly isnt it?". Kelly is my 21 year old daughter who lives in another address. Another odd thing was when my daughter told her my mum is in work the bailiff said i will check. I know she works and proceeded to give the hospital and the ward where my wife works! She is a nurse btw how did she know these things?
  4. i will do that ASAP. thank you for the information! I posted the same post on another forum and i am told that the warrant i was given is forged. I would love people to see it. So frustrating that i cant upload!
  5. i, This morning i got a call from my 16 year old daughter who was really upset crying telling me that we had a bailiff at the door. She said she loud banging on the door and then heard a woman shout through the letter box to open the door NOW. She looked through the bedroom window and without introducing her self she told my daughter to go and open the door. she finally said she was a bailiff after my daughter asked what she wanted. At first i thought it was a mistake as i will never let myself get into any sort of debts. I told her to not open the door and give her my phone number so she could speak to me (i was in work at the time). I spoke to the bailiff and i must say she was the rudest person i have ever spoken to. She was shouting saying she is going to ring a locksmith to come and break in. I told her my daughter was home alone. She said it doesn't matter. I then found out that the debt was for my wife for unpaid TV license. I do remember sometime last year my wife had changed bank and did not transfer the TV license so we went without one for 6 months without knowing. We thought it was strange that we didn't receive any correspondence! We had a man from TV license knock at the door and he told us we didn't have a license. We explained we totally forgot and he set us up a new one on the doorstep. He never took or asked for payment for the 6 months missed. Nor had we received anything since! I spoke to the bailiff again, who was still constantly hammering on the door demanding my daughter open it. She said the fine was for £630! I argued that it couldnt possibly be. its only 6 months we didn't have one! I refused to pay her and said we will have to sort it out with the court as i think there has been a mistake somewhere down the line. Well she didn't like that! she said ok i am calling the police and i am calling a locksmith. I didn't really believe her so i decided to call her bluff and wait it out to see what would happen. My daughter rang me 40 minutes later to say the police had turned up and was too demanding that she open the door! i rang the bailiff again who put me on the the police man. The police said that the bailiff could come into my property. I tried to argue that my daughter is home alone and he didn't care. I told him he had no right telling my daughter to open the door and his presence was just to keep the peace. He then passed the phone back onto the bailiff who said the fine has now gone up to £800 a nd when the locksmith comes it will be another £200. i decided enough was enough and i paid with my card over the phone. I asked if i could see the warrant before i paid and she said NO! she only has one copy. After i paid however she did post it through the letter box which i will scan on here for you. what i want to know is. Was this legal what happened? I really don't feel like i should of paid as i was not given a chance to pay the original debt and i really feel it was inappropriate the way she and the policeman spoke to my daughter. She was absolutely terrified. she sat on the floor under her bedroom window crying her eyes out while this big brut of a woman was hammering the door down.
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