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  1. Complaint lodged via their webform and i plan on complaining to who they are trying to collect for tomorrow
  2. They phoned my house today. The wife answered and told them no one by that name at this address to which they promptly hung up. They did not say who they were but a google of the number brings up it is them. Have the name of their "client" who they are acting for and may give them a ring to say your collection people are barking up the wrong tree....they ARE local to me so if it come to it i can go intot heir office and create a stink.
  3. Hi All, Had letter from above mentioned company for a person (relative) who was homeless and lived on my sofa for most of a year. That was 5 years ago, he moved out to his own flat but a few years ago housing benefit suddenly stopped paying the rent so he had to move out and has been moving around living at friends places. Been getting letters for around a year now, marked some as not at this address and dropped them in the post box. Told the person they had the letters and what they were for as we could see in the address window exactly what it was. Its the landlord of the place they lived at previously wanting teh unpaid portion of the rent. Got 2 letters the same day just before Christmas and thought to open one and give them a call to make sure they knew they could not get them at this address. As truth be told we were getting tired of the letters and they were wasting their time trying to get them at this address. When i called them i told them he moved out around 5 years ago and was only here because he was homeless, they said they had information we were related and this was why they were sending letters here. I pointed out that they cannot be contacted here so no point sending letters here. Had snooty woman tell me she knew we were related, to which is replyed i didnt care. Then got a goodbye and they hung up on me. Today 2 more latters, they used a colour printer this time as in the address window it had a giant final notice in red, saying 10 days to pay before we recommend legal action. Now i have told these idiots verbally and by returning the letters (unopened) marked not at this address, that they cannot contact them here, truth be told i dont even know their current address, or how long they will be there for. The person they want is unemployed and homeless. If i get legal documents through or a knock on the door what are my options for this?
  4. It was my job. Had a letter on Monday dated Friday giving me 7 days notice. Have been on sick for last 2 weeks for what my doctor has put down as work related stress induced depression, was sacked for not attending compulsionary operational meetings whilst on sick leave. Though my Dr said i cannot be called into work for these whilst covered by his note.... Have also found out the staff member i complained against is related to someone who is high up with a client, and he did the same to the last 2 people who held the job before me. Both of whom walked off site within a few days of starting. Seems he can do as he likes and the company will back him up, as they have also dismissed my complaint without responding to it.
  5. Have been with a company for 7 months now and since I started I have had issues with a colleague. Mostly he moans about small things which are nit picky (to the supervisor he seems unwilling to complain direct to me) but a few big things as well which I wont detail here but would certainly come under harassment/attempted bullying. He recently dropped 2 big ones which pushed things so far over the line you cant even see it anymore, which I had to report to the company. 1 was falsification of my signature on documents agreeing to cover holidays of his. One of his shifts he signed me up for was directly before one of my own shifts which would have left me working 24 hours non stop. 2 he failed to carry out a check on some critical machinery and when he did get round to it, it had tripped out. Instead of checking it was meant to be that way he just marked it down as off on the logs. I was in next day and saw it was off checked the logs and saw it down as off. Halfway through my shift I noted that despite being off the power switch was set to on and called our on call engineer who came in and fixed it. Had this not been found and the machinery been off for longer there could have been upto £1 million worth of loss for the client company. After I reported these through to my supervisor and our out of hours controller (was a Sunday) I got a abusive text on the works mobile. On monday I lodged an official grievance in writing with the falsified documents and proof of some of the other big issues he has done in the last few months. I have had an acknowledgement of my letter and told it will be investigated. But in the meantime I have noticed a job matching mine and my colleagues positions being advertised in the job centre and on their website date stamped as being advertised the same day I submitted my letter via email. Bit worried about it as we are fully manned and I have been here a short time and could be seen as the squeaky wheel, when the other lad has been here for years and has been known to drop many clangers without any comebacks.
  6. Hi all FiL died and in his last few days i was off work and spent alot of it in hospital with him and my wife. After he died i had to take 2 more days off for the funeral. I have had my payslip through for last month and i am marked for 3 days absent and 2 days holiday. I had called them to let them know i wouldent be able to work whilst he was dying in hospital, after he had died i called and asked about bereveent leave to which i was told with regards that i had just had 3 days off and for anymore i needed to use holidays. My question is are berevement days (i understand you are allowed 3 days) paid or unpaid? as them 3 days represent almost 20% of what i would have been paid for this period so i am quite short after the extra expenses of getting funeral clothes, childminders while in hospital and for the wake etc as well as it being a long period since last pay day.
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