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  1. Deborah Jane asked for help on this one Don't give up - you will get a standard response that you can't do anything about it from their customer support - james or jesse. Contest that several times - keep the evidence and dates because you need to prove this in a later claim, give them a final deadline - Argument to use is that CV deliberately mimic the DVLA site to confuse you - this according to trading standards is misleading and a judge at court is quite likely to support a claim - Offer to settle at 75 - 80% of what you lost - Give them a deadline of 10 or 14 days to respond Say that if you get no response you will take court action to recover Likely that they will respond agreeing to pay. You need to prove to them that you are going to be more trouble than it is worth for them .. good luck JUST BY WAY OF RECAP - ARGUMENTS TO MAKE: website misleading - deliberate attempt to confuse consumers under consumer protection regulations it is not allowed to mislead - look and feel of CV site designed to mislead notice to them 14 days to respond then final demand 7 days 7 days ; I will commence court proceeding You need at least two letters giving notice of court action these are called "letter before action"
  2. They will give you a partial refund if you persist - 70 - 80% the argument to use is that they deliberately mislead consumers by mimicking the look and feel of the DVLA site - you should threaten them with court action - with a deadline of seven days - offer a settlement amount at the percentage above and proceed to a small court claim which they will probably not defend - so they will settle in the case of the small percentage of people that really pursue I have some - legally watertight template letters - if you are interested - series of three to send which worked for us - [edit] I took this up with the credit card company who refused to take action, then the trading standards people who were not that helpful, and of course Google are complicit since the paid add is top of the list in any DVLA search...
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