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  1. I have exactly the same problem. I had a no show from an engineer today. I also used the "emergency" number in early december and was given a date in January. This company goes out of its way to alienate its customers. File a complaint and get a complaint number then write to the CEO whiter in Glasgow or at their parent company in Spain. I am trying to find the e-mail address of Neil Clitheroe the CEO of the retail end, but they are very opaque with their contact details on the website.
  2. I have Scottish Power's Home Comfort service. I called a month ago to make an appointment to get my boiler fixed. The earliest they could give was 4th January 2014. I was given a time between 8.00-13.00. By midday I was getting anxious as I had heard nothing from them. I called and them and was assured that an engineer would be visiting as the appointment was valid, I also checked that they had my phone numbers, they had. No-one showed up. I called again and I was informed that my appointment had been rescheduled the day before. They could not tell me why it was rescheduled, who rescheduled it and when was the new rescheduled date. I had to arrange time off from my work to accommodate them and now have to do the same again for the new appointment which I forced them into for Monday. This isn't the first time I have had problems with this company. If anyone from Scottish Power trawls through this forum they can refer to complaint number 35587761 from 12 Jan 2012, and complaint number 107364 from 4th Jan 2014. Does anyone have the e-mail address of the CEO of this company as they are very opaque with the details on their website? Has anyone else had problems with this service? I will be asking for compensation for inconvenience and for lost time at work.
  3. I am also having problems with Scottish Power. I am paying for their Home Comfort service. I was supposed to have an engineer at my home today as I have a problem with hot water. The appointment was booked a month ago. He didn't appear. I called their emergency number and they confirmed that an engineer was on his way. He never arrived. I called again and another agent told me that my appointment had been rescheduled the day before. No-one phoned me to tell me that the appointment had been rescheduled despite them having my contact details. I took time off work to accommodate them and I am having to do the same for the appoint that has been rescheduled for next week.
  4. Oh, and does anyone have the e-mail address of the CEO of this company?
  5. I signed up for Scottish Power's Home Comfort service to provide peace of mind regarding my boiler. I called them a month ago, on their emergency number provided by them, as I have problems with my hot water. They gave me an appointment for Jan 4th 2014, between 8.00-13.00. By the time noon came and went I was getting anxious as no sign of the engineer. I called them and they confirmed that I was scheduled for an engineer to come to my house. No-one arrived. I called them again and was told that my appointment had been rescheduled the day before, but they could not tell me why it was rescheduled nor by whom nor when the new date was supposed to be. I was then referred to customer services, who also could not enlighten me as to why a unilateral decision to reschedule my appointment was taken and why I was not informed. I had to take time off work to wait for their engineer, and now I have to take another morning off for the next appointment. Can i pursue any compensation?
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