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  1. Hi thanks for your reply Its less then 600 only because the judge didn't award all my expenses back. What would be best for me to do now? as neither the court or the seller has contacted me in over a month. Should I go to the courts helpdesk? would it be better for me to talk to a lawyer?? Any info would be gratefully appreciated
  2. hi all Took a motor cycle shop to small claims court, and won, still out of pocket 150ish, but judge said it was ''fair'' so didn't argue. but wasn't really fair. This all happened on the 19th of last month, the judge said he will ask them to pay me in 2weeks, Ive heard nothing from the courts or the seller, or had my money returned to me this motorcycle shop Capital City Motorcycles in West Hampstead, never showed up to either of the hearings sent all the paperwork back unopened, I think they just sent one letter to the courts, Anyways what ive been doing some research an
  3. Hi guys Just a quick update, I send in the form and they wrote back to me asking for some evidence so I took it into them and they send me a new date for a hearing. Just a few questions, Ive given my evidence into the court by hand so that means I don't have to take another copy with me or do I? The 80 I spent, can I get that added to the claim or is that on me? Will the other party involved of been issued papers to come along also? Thank you kindly
  4. Hi guys, bit of an update, I got my form and have filled it all in ready to send, but im stuck on what or how I should word what goes under ''what order are you asking the court to make and why?'' any help would be great thank you very much
  5. Right got you, Thank you very much.. My reason being for not attending (which I presume is the reason the case got struck out) is that I never got a court date to attend, via the post, or a phone call or anything. Is that a valid reason to apply for the strike out to be set aside? I went to the court today, but couldn't speak to anyone as they are 10-2 and I went after work at 4pm, I shall visit on my lunch hour tomorrow. Thank you for your help
  6. Hello I read 3.9 thank you. Please excuse my ignorance, but if I want to go ahead with this what do I need to do, write a letter to the courts manager stating so? Thanks for your help guys.
  7. Thanks for your reply guys., Really helpful as this is all new to me I will be visiting the court this week, hopefully they can shed some light, I fear I may just get to meet the sectary and get turned away. one last thing, what exactly is the CPR r 3.9?, and how do I try to get one?, is it a form I download, fill in and send to the courts?.. And if all else fails, should I start another case open? or would it be best to just forget about the whole thing Once again, Thank you
  8. So I presume no one attending is frowned apon by the courts? How can I find out more about CPR r 3.9? I will visit the courts some time this week. Thanks for your help
  9. Thanks for your replies guys.. Just looked and it says ''Upon neither party attending'' I didn't even get asked to go, and the courts are 2 doors down from my house. Also a pervious letter I received months back said that when it goes to the court neither party has to go. (I think) so I posted in my evidence months ago. I thought going to a small claims court would solve the matter, The motor bike shop even admitted that they owe me the money to them. Where can I go from here??? Thank you for your help Regards
  10. Can someone please tell me what struck out of court actually means? Last summer I bought a motorbike frame, I received it and it was the wrong one, I told the company and they said send it back and we will refund you and your postage, I sent it back to the address on the invoice they provided with the item, Couple days later the bike shows up back at my house as it was refused delivery, I e mail the person and they said that that's not their address anymore and they have moved and that they hadn't updated their stationary. they gave me their new addr
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