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  1. The debt collection rang my house and left a message on the home phone! I rang them back because on the message I couldn't hear who the company was. As soon as I realised I hung up! Where did they get my home number from?? Shall I pay them? I don't want other people in the house to find out!
  2. [ATTACH=CONFIG]51544[/ATTACH]After listening to you guys I ignored several letters from RLP requesting money. I didn't reply to any of their letters. Now I got a letter from SCOTCALL which I think is a dept recovery company. I've taken a photo of the letter. Tesco sent me a civil recovery letter via RLP in jan asking for money. I posted a thread back in jan. Since then I received 3 letters from RLP which I ignored Now I got this letter. Is it another scare tactic? Can you please advise again, do I ignore again ?
  3. Hi guys. I took your advice and ignored the first letter. I got another letter today saying I have failed to comply and client is now in a position to issue proceedings against me and urges me to take legal independent advice. My information may be passed onto the police.
  4. Hi guys. I received a letter from RLP. They want £90 which it reduced from £300-£400. The letter is 2 pages long. It mentions the usual facts about making payment with in 14 days, courts etc. Is it worth writing a one liner to them yet?
  5. I went to court today for enforcement of a court contact order. I managed to agree extra contact. Before court I have approx 75 days contact. Now I have approx 100. Will the extra 25 nights make a difference to the csa payments?
  6. Thank you again for the replies and information. It's been over a week and still not received a letter from civil recovery. Any idea how long they will take?
  7. Thanks so much for the info. When I get the letter I will post up. I saw this letter which I may write to then. Dear (signatory) Thank you for your letter of xxx. It appears you are non-compliant with civil procedure, in that you have failed to state a discernible case against me and you have failed to show me the documents on which you intend to rely. That is to say, your letter discloses no evidence and no case. Your letter also is not a Letter of Claim. Until and unless you comply with civil procedure by providing a heading "Letter of Claim" AND disclose all the evidence on which you intend to rely AND disclose your legal case, as is required by civil procedure, I am not only unable to respond but quite unable to understand why you are making these demands. Further, you make unlawful threats against me which as already explained fall outside of legal protection. I reserve my position as to whether I will pursue you, and/or your "client" (assuming it is true you act for them), in the criminal and civil jurisdictions. Yours xxxx What you think?
  8. Thank you for the response. The security guards didn't mention it at the time but have I been banned from all tescos?
  9. Thank you so much for the response. The company that tesco are using are called Civil recovery Ltd, E49PT. Don't know if that makes any difference. I have always paid my fines straight away. Ignoring their request for payment will be very difficult. When they send reminders will the fine increase?
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