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  1. 'Got a call from an Indian man who called himself imran he said his company QLF had received my application and they had a lender who would lend me £1000. I agreed to pay £15 upfront and I would get a call within 48 hours. 4 days later still no call. I've had an email welcoming me and giving my member access to their site. My membership says active and loan accepted (whatever that means) as I've had no call from a lender regarding mt QLF. I have been inundated with calls/texts and emails ever since. I've tried ringing the company and emailed twic
  2. 08725630610 You might find this insightful.....the dude said he was from QuickLoanFinance http://www.tellows.co.uk/num/02033070288
  3. I disagree Why does he need my long card details and PIN then, says will charge me £10 and will then process the loan. After he takes the money, he would then pass me on to his financial adviser, who will then agree terms with me and then I would have the money sent to me in minutes....He claimed the APR was just 6.08%, cheaper than the banks Does all these make any sense to you? What stops him from just vanishing after getting the card details? After all it was a call out of the blue.
  4. don't really know how to go about editing it. If and when I do i will put up the edited copy. thanks
  5. Citizen B am asking, is it appropriate to put it out here? If it's all clear I will go ahead.
  6. Thank Goodness I was at least instinctive enough to realize I was about to be diddled. I am stupid, but apparently not very very stupid. I needed some emergency cash and even though i had heard of the negative effects of taking out a payday loan, i proceeded to apply for one. I got a call from a man saying he was from Cash finance direct asking me to call an 0906 number and that I was already approved. I dialed the number but fortunately for me it was blocked on my mobile. i called customer service and I was told it was a very high rate premium number
  7. Hi Lee, Can you contact me as soon as you can? I am ready for a full and final settlement
  8. I haven't heard from you have sent you a reply as you asked.
  9. The bolded is it. But how can I show it? I just read a thread now where lee confirms recorded conversations are kept for 3 months. Also, How can I show i didn't get any notifications?
  10. Thanks fkofilee. The vodaphone(DCA) rep alluded to your bolded statement. She said exactly the same thing. That it doesn't matter i called in for a suspension or didn't get any letters. That the bottom line is that I have defaulted and as such I should set up a payment plan, satisfy the default and take out a new contract. Default satisfaction as I have been reading here, basically doesn't help me. What can I really do? Should I appeal on compassionate grounds? Can you give me a realistic picture of what I can try and the options open to me to try and get a removal.
  11. Thanks so much. The DCA is Vodafone itself. There in house collection team. You are right I should have requested for a letter confirming the suspension, but i didn't know any better. I just came into the country 2012 and haven't yet understood how things worked so i took his word for it. Vodafone's In house team said they sent the debt out to an external agency, but I never got any correspondence from them and it's back with vodafone now. She said because it has already been sent out, that it can't be reactivated again that I would need to take out a new contract af
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