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  1. Hi Dx and Porkyp1g, thanks for responding me. I am providing you a link of the short audio/video clip as a proof. I really do not know where do i stand but i shall try and fetch out the details of CEO and write to him, and request to look into this. I am very sure i am not the only one out there who has been duped into buying/leasing this. Can either of you advise if i can get anything out of this? Again thanks for your response. i cant post the link as i do not have more thn 10 posts
  2. Thanks for your response, I appreciate it. No I am not asoe209, but I did reada lot of complaints about infinity over the internet. I did try to return it back but I was fobbed off by saying Ido not have a cooling off period and there was no way I can return it. I mustpay for 24 months and return the product back, that’s what I was told fromdifferent shops. I understand that I m basically trapped in this. I dounderstand leasing but I feel I have been cheated as I was not given the actualfacts of the deal i .e. it was not a financial instalment plan, it did not havea cooling off period, it does not cover loss and I have to return the productback after 24 months. S o in effect I pay £ 552 and I don’t even get to keep theproduct. I think this should have beenclarified to me during the point of contract. With regards to the video I shall try and upload it tomorrowmorning.
  3. Please can someone help me regarding the below please...... Dear Sir/Mam, I bought atablet a little while ago (1.5 yrs ago) from Curry’s, Staples cornerbranch. My details areas below The tabletwhich I thought I had bought was Samsung Galaxy Tab 2. Now when I bought thisfrom curry’s I was told it is on a finance plan called infinity – which coversme with whatever happens policy including loss, theft, water damage etc andlots of online storage. My understandingwas after 24 months the product will be mine and I do not have to return backthe product. They will also refund meback 25% of the money paid during this 2 yrs period if I decide to trade it. But it came to light that I have to return the product after 24 months duringan incident last year. I didn’t want to buy a tablet outright and wanted apayment plan, which possibly could have been interest free. The sales personwas really pushing me to go for the infinity deal as it would cover me fortheft, loss, provide me online storage facility and load of other stuff. Myresponse to that was, I don’t need all of this, can you pls suggest pure andsimple payment options for which I can buy the product interest free in ayear’s time. But the sales girl pushed me for infinity and suggested that itwas the best deal I could have. She explained that infinity comes with knowhowand if I need any help I can contact anytime and get any issues sorted. So atthe time I thought that infinity was the better option as it covered me for alot of things if they ever happened. I also inquired again that at the end of the two year period the product willbe mine and she went on to say that it’s like a mobile contract and if anyissues you can bring it back within a week’s time. I took her word and neverread the full agreement (like all of us do). I was not shown that the productwhich I thought I bought was actually never bought – it was a lease I had takenout and also there was no clarification with regards to no cooling off period. She printed all the paperwork for me to sign. Last year I hadlost this tablet from my work place at Heathrow airport. I got a crimereference number to get a replacement; I was very low as I had bought this formy dad as a present. The infinity deal Ihad taken out, to my surprise did not cover for loss. Rent smart flatly denied replacing thetablet. During this process I had gonethrough the entire terms and conditions of the infinity deal. To my shock Ifelt cheated, duped and lied to. I feel I have been missold a product. So Idecided to visit different curry stores and inquired about this infinityproduct. I visited staples corner again, central London, Watford, harrowbranches when I had lost my tablet last year. To my shock all the salespersonal never reveal that infinity deal is actually a lease and not an installmentplan to buy a product. They do not reveal that it does not cover for loss, theydo not reveal that at the end of the 2 yrs period you return the product andyou almost pay double the price, they do not reveal that it does NOT have acooling off period. I was very very lucky that someone had actually returned mytablet back at my office I would like tomention that I have a taped conversation as a proof from one of your curry’sbranch where your salesman lying to the customers about infinity e.g. thesalesman advises that it covers loss whereas infinity does not cover loss andalso he suggests it’s a payment plan with a 2 yr contract like mobile phone which is again not true as it’s a LEASE, this is just an example of the blatantlies the salesman say to get higher sales. What I amtrying to get at is, what if some kind hearted person not returned my tablet. Iwould have had to pay the entire 24 months with no product in my hand. I have beenduly paying the monthly payments but I feel cheated and missold theproduct. I want to keepthis tablet and do not wish to return back at the end of my “LEASE” as I feelthis is a rip off and a missold product. I wish I had taped all of theconversation during my actual buying (I thought I was buying but I was actuallytaking out a lease) process. There is no way the tablet is worth £ 552 (£23x24). I would really appreciateif someone can get back to me and advise if I am allowed to keep this tablet asI feel really cheated on this. Kindly try andput yr selves in a customer point of view and respond. Regards, Vish
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