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  1. Forgot to mention I had one of the Northern Rock together Mortgages which was made up of a secured and Unsecured element...I'm not sure if that makes any difference.
  2. No there have been letters going to my parents address for years, as I wasn't living there I buried my head in the sand and ignored them all. I made a concious decision to get my finances sorted at New Year so hence why I came here for advice.
  3. I have no idea..basically I went a bit off the rails and moved abroad for a couple of years just before the repossession date. They only information I have is letters from some DCA's and NRAM which have been sent to my parents address as they obviously couldn't find me and all my UK bank statements and post went there. I'm now back in the UK and want to get this sorted and move on with my life as its been hanging over my head for years
  4. Hi All, I'm looking for some advice on how to start putting my life back together after spending the last 6 years looking over my shoulder! To cut a long story short after a relationship breakdown and some other personal issues my flat was repossessed in 2008 and Northern Rock sold it on at auction. The flat cost me originally £38500 on a together mortgage and I also took out an additional £6K loan on top of that to clear some debts as well as a £10K loan from Blackhorse (secured) a few years later. I now have NRAM chasing me for a shortfall of £29500 and Blackhorse £17985
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