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  1. king12345 yes I need one definitely. I was able though to take photos at the scene and I have witness statement
  2. No idea as yet how long to settle. My solicitor dealing with it. Jut about to send witness statements and photographic evidence as third party have none and claim not their fault.
  3. Trying to add a replacement car to my car insurance as previous written off-no fault of mine..other driver went into me whilst I was stationery. Case still open. I need to insure a replacement car but my insurance has advised I have to register this incident as my fault until case concluded. Apparently both parties have to register same on insurance until case concluded. Can anyone advise how I can get a car insured without trebling my premium..
  4. Thank you everyone for your input. I had decided my only option was to contact CEO/Executive Office of Dixons and did so beg May 2014 with a full report and photographs. I have since received a couple of negative emails from Claims Executive Group Insurable Risk & Claims Department referring me to my own legal council since they say 'Our engineer has been unable to find anything which would cause overheating. The maximum temperature that was reached was 38 degrees which is normal temperature usage'. This of course was without the faulty charger. It is an Advent 6411 Laptop. They gav
  5. Any assistance from anyone here would be appreciated as my case is genuine and I am finding it hard to get Dixons to investigate further. They are at fault as should have taken faulty charger as if laptop itself not at fault then it must be the charger as laptop constantly connected as such a poor battery life. I have relayed all of this to Dixons and throughout my claim. Any help would be appreciated as they are saying I should obtain legal assistance.
  6. Lap top is back with me now repaired. However they are not considering my burn as can find no cause. I have said they should have tested it with the faulty charger which store replaced in March. The store retained charger -I've enquired on its where abouts and been disposed of. I've had two chargers over six month period. Dixons will not proceed with my complaint as they are now saying I should have told them the fault was due to charger rather than laptop. I have written back to say I have not changed my story the heat was generated right side laptop and charger connection within that
  7. yes it does say new for old however currys now saying they can't find the fault at their dangerous products dept. They want me to allow them to send it to their repair section for a service and clean up and that's it. No offer of a new one as they say its not faulty not what they have found.
  8. advent 6411. purply pink scar inch by inch wide and long. Moving laptop caught my wrist on side of it..just moving laptop to different angle on table.
  9. Hi I have an advent laptop bought in Jan 2009 and insured through know how--pay monthly for this insurance. Had a problem with currys charger couple months ago and exhanged it for a new one at currys as they said it was faulty. I also burnt my wrist on the lap top..seemed to catch the edge of my wrist when moving lap top on table at home. I've sent lap top with all updates to currys (knowhow) they collected it as a dangerous product? but could find no problem..and not overheating. They are not prepared to provide me with a new laptop, just a service and to re
  10. I found an email address online for CEO: [email protected] I've not had a response.I've been trying to contact Citibank via email and leter format-no response.
  11. Particularly the elderly who have been unable to locate a number in BT telephone directory and so phoned 118500 for assistance. BT are immediately refunding.
  12. BT are refunding all 118500 calls back to September 2011 to those people that were unable to locate the number elsewhere and unaware of the charges. Phone pay phone plus for details.
  13. Hi I requested a SAR from Barclaycard - recorded delivery on 12/12/14 to Barclaycard data protection team Dept LRC Barclaycard Northampton NN4 7SG. I was then informed over telephone that this had SAR been posted to me on 16 Dec 2013. Then a month later not sent. Executive team chasing up. Received a letter today from Barclays rather than Barclaycard with my £10 p/order returned and requesting my resending my SAR request with a signature to Privacy and Data Protection Radbroke Hall Knutsford Cheshire WA16 9EU. I have no idea why I should be receiving a letter from Barclays since all my let
  14. Hi can any one give any advice on above? Thanks
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