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  1. Title says it all really, looks like ringing the Customer Service Centre has prodded them along! Just checked my account and it's in!!!!!!!!!!!! YIPPEE, Merry Christmas EVERYONE! :D :D Would one of the mods be kind enough to merge this with my other threads and move it to the succeses forum. Also can someone tell me how to donate as I don't have a Paypal account. THANK YOU EVERYONE AND MAY YOU ALL BE AS SUCCESSFUL, I COULD'NT HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU:D
  2. Hi, I don't know if there is any difference between moneyclaim or your local court, I just founf Moneyclaim easier and very straightforward. You will probably have to pay them a fee (which you can claim back from LTSB) unless you are exempt. My claim was for over £4k and I had to pay £120.
  3. Just go ahead and send your LBA. Give them another 14 days and then submit your claim via moneyclaim or at your local court. If you have a look at the templates section it will give you the standard letter template to amend to suit your circumstances and also what you will need to put on your claim form. Good luck. I just had an letter this week offering to settle in full having followed all of the advice and relevant steps on this fantastic site.
  4. Just an update, I've just rang the Customer Service Recovery centre (got number from Scissorheart's thread) and spoke to a very nice man who said it hasn't appeared on their system yet as having been received from SCM but they have got a backlog so it's probably sitting waiting to go on the system. He did say though that once they've got it the money should be in in approx 2 days so to try my bank Monday or Tuesday. If it's not in then I have to call them back and they'll find out exactly what's going on. He also took my number and said he would pass it on to whoever it is that's sorting all the letters out and ask them to keep an eye out for it and call me when they receive it. We'll wait and see...
  5. Congratulations, I got my offer letter from them on Monday, it's a great feeling isn't it? Just waiting for the money to show up in my account now!
  6. Hi Freebird, sorry I've just seen your reply, I was dealing with a screaming baby! I spoke to a Mr Blackman (?) on Monday who told me about the settlement offer and then spoke to a Miss Lewis later on who arranged to have it faxed to me and said she would act on the faxed copy rather than waiting for me to get the original, sign it and send it back. I faxed it back on Tuesday morning and rang her to make sure she'd got it. She said it would take approx 7-10 working days in total including the time it would take them to fax it back to LTSB to action the refund. I called SCM again this morning to find out if it had been faxed back to LTSB yet and it was apparently sent yesterday so should be with them by now. Whoever I spoke to this morning said it would now take 7-10 working days for LTSB to do the refund - I feel like banging my head off a brick wall! Did yours take three days from sending the letter back to SCM or from them sending it to LTSB? Sorry for all the questions, I am so impatient, I have Christmas shopping to do,
  7. at Lloyds TSB to find out when refunded charges will be refunded to my account? Is it possible to call anyone and find out? I received my offer letter by fax on Monday and faxed it back Tuesday morning (I was told they would act on the fax). I've spoken to SCM this morning who say it was faxed back to LTSB yesterday and will take a further 7-10 working days for the funds to go into my account (this seems a hell of a long time). Anyway, I've had LTSB collections department on the phone about my overdraft wanting to know when it will be paid off. I've told them I'm waiting for them to refund bank charges and then it will be cleared. They were unable to tell me anything about when the bank charges would be refunded but that if I called my branch they may be able to find out what was happening. I've called the branch who said that because there are no notes on their system about it and because the account is with colections that they can't find out either and don't know which department is dealing with the refund of bank charges. Still with me? Does anyone know if there is a specific department dealing with this and if it's possible to call them and "encourage" them to get a move on or at least tell me whaen the funds will be available? Impatient, me?
  8. Why not just give them a call and see what they say, you could always follow this up with a letter?
  9. If I remember rightly the spreadsheet on this site (which was the one I used) calculates the number of days for you.
  10. Thanks Gary, I'm still like this... However, once the funds show up in my account I'll be like this... :D
  11. My AQ was due in by 2nd December but as this is a Saturday it would have had to be with them for Friday. Anyway, I received a copy of theirs in the post on Monday and rang them straightaway. I asked them to fax the letter to me as soon as it was ready (hoping to speed the process up even if just by a day or two) and they said if I signed and faxed it straightr back they would act on the fax rather than waiting for the hard copy of the letter to get to me and for me to sign it and post it. (I've just receoived the hard copy in the post today). I have two small children as well and let's just say that as long as the money is in my account within the time they specified, a very happy Christmas is going to be had by all!! They've settled my claim in full (over £4k) Good luck and please let us know how you get on. K x
  12. Just a thought, have you received a copy of their AQ yet? If not, it would probably be worth waiting until you do. Here's my thread if you're interested in having a look... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/23390-katel-lloyds-tsb-hopefully.html
  13. Ring them, it can't do any harm (it certainly didn't for me!) the worst they can do is say no!
  14. Good luck, let us know how you get on. K x
  15. I received my allocation questionnaire last week and before I had a chance to send it back (it's due back this Friday coming) I also received a copy of theirs which, as per usual, asks for a months stay to try and settle. With this in mind I rang them yesterday prior to sending my AQ and spoke to them and lo and behold they offered to settle in full. I would definitely say it is worth doing this once you receive a copy of their AQ, it has worked for me and for others. K x
  16. Do what I did yesterday, I received a copy of their AQ saying the same thing, so I rang them (Sechiari Clark & Mitchell) and basically asked what was going on and were they going to settle? Straight away they said yes and then faxed a copy of the offer letter to me the same day (I had to push for this ). I've signed it and faxed it back today and rang them and they've said the money will be in my account in 7-10 working days.
  17. Just a quick update, I faxed back my offer letter to thm today and was told that funds will be in my account in 7-10 working days! Fingers crossed!
  18. Hello, we must be on roughly the same timeline. My AQ was due back in this Friday (1 Dec) but before I sent it in I received a copy of LTSB's AQ and rang them as they had asked for a month to try and settle the claim (it would appear they always do this). Anyway, I rang them yesterday and they said, yes, they would settle in full and faxed an offer letter to me yesterday afternoon. I have accepted their offer (full settlement) and faxed it back today and they have said the money will be in my account in 7-10 working days. It would definitely be worth you giving them a call because even if you have already returned the AQ they (LTSB) will also refund the £100 fee you paid (they told me this). Good Luck!!
  19. Thank you so much for that Barty. Here's hoping the same will happen with me!
  20. Thanks, that's great. How long did they tell you it would take when you sent back the signed agreement?
  21. A question for those who have been succesful with their claims. I received my offer letter from SCM yesterday and have faxed it back to them this morning. They have told me that it will take a couple of days for them to get it back to LTSB and then a further 5-7 working days for funds to be allocated to my account, so in total 7-10 working days or a fortnight today. She did say that this timescale is what they have been advised to say by LTSB but I wondered if anyone had received their money any sooner than this. I can't underatsnd why it takes so long? Thanks K x
  22. Thanks Michael, that's what I thought but it has put my mind at rest.
  23. HOORAY!!!! I've just received the settlement letter from them by fax and they've apparently sent the original in the post. They've settled in full (plus more, further interest I presume). Apparently, once I fax back the signed offer letter they'll action it and the funds should be in my account within 5-7 working days. My only concern is that the AQ is due back in on Friday, should I still go ahead and submit this just in case or are they bound by the terms of their offer letter? A very Kate!
  24. Thanks Bookworm, makes is much easier to follow. I feel almost sorry for SCM as I am now going to plague them until I receive the letter. If I receive the letter before AQ needs sending back (I would have to post it on Thurs) do I still need to send it back as the money probably won't have been received by then, if you see what I mean???
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