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  1. They were open in November, but your right I can't get hold of them either.
  2. That's great advice many thanks and will keep updated.
  3. Ah... That's cheap.. To be honest I have never delved in taking people to court so thought it much more drama and time consuming than it may be.. I'm 100% that they are at fault on the MOT pass side. They could argue I could have checked the car before purchase. However I am no expert and I have an independent inspection report that says this vehicle should never of passed MOT in current state and it was dangerous of them to knowing let me drive it 300 miles home..! I think I need to look in to court option more, obviously give them a chance to resolve first.
  4. All I want is money for the work and by threatening them with certain things I hope this will either appeal to their better nature or back them in to a corner..! Long shot I know but taking them to court doesn't always work either and very costly.
  5. An independent inspection carried out two days after purchase should be suffice I would have thought. I wouldn't take them to court as it's just too long winded for my patienence. Still no contact from them to date. There is no way the car was cloned to get the mot done, it's pretty unique..! Also the car was MOT under a different colour which had not been changed on logbook, not sure if this makes a difference? If you know someone that MOTs then it's easy enough to get one done without the car being there, all they need is another vehicle to run the emissions. This is what has happ
  6. I totally understand reporting them all adds up in the end... The faults found were not discretionary pass items.. Break lines hanging loose Bent steering columns One bolt holding prop shaft together Wrong bolts in steering rack Exhaust had more holes than Swiss cheese The list goes one....
  7. I took it straight to a garage the day after I bought it and has major faults that would easily fail MoT. Reporting them to TS or VOSA will get me know where fast in funding the bill... In reality if I threaten them with it they might feel backed in to a corner and pay up. I understand it's always a good idea to uncover these people by reporting but how much and far does it really go? By the number of reports already on this company I would say nothing.
  8. Yes checked online and it is logged on there, but with no advisories. Having had the garage look over the vehicle there is no way it could have passed an MOT. It didn't have an emissions statement either. I have currently tried to call them and email with no response. I will be writing a letter asking them to pick up the bill for repairs and if they don't I'll be reporting them to vosa. As I know this vehicle never went to the MOT centre.
  9. Well Well.... This isn't the thread i expected to see when typing LLV in to google.... I bought a Land Rover from them in November 2013, after driving it to Essex i noticed a few leaks so took it to a Land Rover garage where they noticed a lot of major issues; - wrong brake lines used, not even brake lines - one bolt in the drive shaft - wrong bolts used in steering rack - numerous other faults Yes it was a 1986 Defender, however i paid top money for it and it had an MOT that day.. all the above are easy spots on MOT test and would fail. I have no doubt that this vehi
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