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  1. if I had known the 500pound deposit was not refundable,i would not have put down that much, also it was to hold the car the car was not bought until I had seen and test driven it and the salesman agreed to that, and als there were three owners on the car which is normally ok but when two of them had been within the last 11 months you have gotta ask why. which I did but the reply I received when I thought about it, I had my doubts about the car and I was not prepared to take the chance, anyway the car is now sold for more than the price I would have paid,
  2. hi guys thank you for all of the advice and help. just to clarify a few things,this is not my first time buying a car in the uk,however it is the first time I have had difficulties dealing with a dealer, this is link to the car which has gone up in price and the mileage advertised in 9k lower than the actual milage which the dealer did tell me, I believe the car is now sold, anyway I have decided to write to the dealer give tham on last chance to sort this out or I will go down the legall route, as already stated I am willing to forego part of the deposit which is only fair after all I would presume being as it is advertised for more money he got more than I was paying, item no, 221347318290
  3. I did say to the dealer that I would be prepared to lose half of the deposit but they refused to do that , the car was off the market for 10 days which includes the xmas period,and to be fair the car had 129k miles, 3 former keepers. so I do not think it was going to fly off of the forecourt,
  4. tried to do a chargeback but cannot as the money was given over by me willingly, no fraud involved as far as my bank is concerned, thank you.
  5. hi on the 22nd of December I paid a 500gpb deposit on a 2008 focus titanium tdci fo sale by rix motors in warrington, who agreed to hold the car for me until mid January as I live in Ireland, at no time was I told the deposit was non refundable, I rang this morning to cancel as circumstances have changed, now I could be wrong but as it was an overseas transaction and rix did not give me a receipt the cooling off period is longer, while I do not have a problem with them keeping reasonable expences , keeping the lot is a bit much, also the car is now on their website at 4990pounds, it has gone up 490 . thank you , where do I stand, and what can I do if anything
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