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  1. I don't mean so much at the tribunal if it gets that far, I am more thinking about the grievance hearing. The fact that negotiations took place at all forms part of my grievance, so i need to be able to mention it to the the directors. Can I mention it to them?
  2. Hi again all! I saw a solicitor yesterday who read through everything, even all the really petty stuff. Will have cost a pretty penny but was worth every one of them! He said I do have a strong case as it stands, and the figures that he quoted to me were about 4 x my final offer that they turned down (not including the 25% uplift for not following procedures). So glad they did. Because it would be a potentially drawn out hearing if it gets that far, it would cost in the region of £7k to be represented start to finish. I went to bed thinking i would have to self rep, which I could do a
  3. Thanks for all the replies, appreciate the help sp much. I can handle the process and all that goes with it, but there is no denying it is all consuming! I see a solicitor tomorrow with all paperwork so I should have more idea on how I will progress this. It is very interesting ericsbrother about limiting how I can act upon the content. Does that mean I can cite the fact that they started wp negotiations as a breach of trust and confidence but not reveal the terms within them?
  4. Not in union unfortunately. The WP just went straight into an offer (1 month notice and statutory redundancy- after 20 years!) i don't understand why they have pushed for me to go formal, only to go WP, then withdraw and insist on the process, flaws and all. Part of the original grievance was that during an appraisal where he behaved appallingly and abused his position, he finished the conversation by telling me I had outgrown the firm and should look elsewhere if I wanted a career not a job. To me that is the point where the trust and confidence was broken, and the the WP letter just con
  5. Hi, new to the forums but lurked for a long time over the years! I will try to keep it brief and as unidentifiable as possible. I raised an informal grievance against my boss. It was completely ignored by both him and his boss. Three weeks later I asked what was happening and was told nothing. Make it formal if you have a problem. I made it formal (and included the way they “dealt” with the informal side of things) and then almost immediately received a without prejudice offer to settle and go. I have been in my job for almost 20 years with no issues at all. The offer was stupidly
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