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  1. Apologies, I missed a question, I don't have any paperwork or statements for this account anymore.
  2. Hi, this account was taken out in 2002, Next defaulted me in 06/2009. The DCA is Debt Managers Ltd, Next assigned the debt to them that's why I don't pay direct. Hope this helps and thank you.
  3. Hi All I recently followed advice on here and sent CCA requests to all Creditors on my DMP with Stepchange. I need some advice, Next have sent the attached reply. The debt is currently being dealt with by Debt Managers Ltd. (apologies if I have posted this in the wrong place) What do I do next? Many thanks
  4. Ok, CCA letters all prepared, just need to buy postal orders and then send them off. I've decided to pay the DMP this month rightly or wrongly, that'll keep Stepchange off my back too. I'll post back once I start to get replies through. Thanks everyone for the replies - much appreciated.
  5. Ok, I'm not quite sure how to proceed, I appreciate your advice already. I'm guessing this is going to be problematic in comparison to paying a DMP to Stepchange. Like I say I'm not used to dealing with financial matters in this way, Pushing a boulder uphill springs to mind, but I fancy the journey down on the otherside!
  6. Great, I'm getting there! Ok do I keep paying Stepchange, if not they are likely to throw me off their plan. Do I CCA everyone, all the debts were taken out between 2000 and 2006. I work for local Government, is this likely to further blacken my credit file and see me in Court?
  7. Right I understand. Apologies, when I got divorced and ran into problems I opted straightaway for a DMP and have paid it ever since. I have no knowledge of CCA processes or anything else, very naïve on my part. I'm spending some time reading the forums and trying to get my head around what to do, some of my defaults drop off this year. As soon as I was defaulted the majority of creditors passed it on to DCA's. I'm thinking I should start the CCA process, but what about my payments to Stepchange? Not sure I want the hassle of people calling at the house or phoning but I suppose
  8. No Stepchange haven't challenged any, they just set up the DMP as standard in 2009. Cash cow?
  9. No I haven't challenged any of them. They date back from 2002 onwards.
  10. Hi, I don't think I've had penalty charges and never paid protective insurance so those aren't really an option. I've got a list of my debts, most are with Debt Collection Agencies now here they are: Marlin Financial Services (formerly Lloyds TSB Credit Card) £4639.18 Barclaycard £4459.67 Allied International Credit (formerly American Express) £3112.91 Direct Legal Collections (formerly MBNA credit card) £2417.06 Apex Credit Management (formerly Egg Loan) £1821.38 Barclaycard £1679.19 Argos Card Services £1590.23 (only creditor not frozen or reducing interest) Moorcroft
  11. Hi everyone I'm a newbie to this site having just stumbled across it. Wow I'm overwhelmed by the information so I thought it easier to ask for advice. Firstly I'm on a DMP with Stepchange and have been paying it religiously for the last 6 years. Original debt £40647.21, in the last 6 years I have paid £17271.00, balance = £23376.21 I want to clear this debt quicker, the DMP finishes in 2020 another 6 years. I work fulltime but don't have any savings, should I start to pick off the debts 1 by 1 and offer full and final settlements? What is CCA that people are talking
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