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  1. CCA challenges the legality of the debt. Do a search in the grey box. Well done, sounds like things are going well and I'm sure someone more informed than me will help you out
  2. I've seen the statements but not retained them. Agree and I will seek out why they sold it (I believe Marlin bought a massive batch of debt so there might not be anything wrong). Firstly, I need to get a retrospective default added
  3. Yep. I am v worried that Marlins will apply a default which will kill me for six years
  4. I've attached both. IDEM was originally with M&S Finance, Robinson Way was Halifax - both credit cards. I sent the standard template letters and follow up's to both. I've not received documentation from either. What are the next steps? In a DMP, no interest being charged, and no PPI or charges to claim. Do I simply stop payments? Or is there a 3rd template follow up? Help and thx
  5. It's with Payplan, not a fee paying one and there are no addtl charges, interest or PPI on the loan. It's just this ATP / non default, then I will go after Marlin with a CCA
  6. Hi, I am in a similar situation. Are you able to share the letter to the ICO and contact details etc? Thanks,
  7. My main issue is that NRAM marked this as Arrangement to Pay when I started to pay reduced amount in 2009, rather than applying a default like my other creditors. The monthly payment is £310, I'm paying £170 to them on a DMP. I wrote to NRAM to try and seek a retrospective default as I want to be considered for a new mortgage in a few years. They refused this and said any objection will need to go to Financial O..... Does anyone have any experience of getting an ATP changed to a backdated Default? Thx!
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