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  1. I only found out about the meeting by chance by googling. You can contact capital Books it's not too late. More people do it the better.
  2. Yeah I know sounds like that. I cant believe cash4phones sent our phones abroad and that guy cant speak english! Its all a con! I wish they would speed up the process of criminal investigations. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/andrew-penman-cash4phones-bosses-meet-3026912#.Ut5_fvbFIy4
  3. Everyone spread the word and look at this link: http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/andrew-penman-cash4phones-bosses-meet-3026912#.Ut5_fvbFIy4
  4. I just spoke to Mandoor (Liquidator) and asked if there is no dividend to pay any class of creditors then what is going to happen to all the mobile phone that they have stolen? Mandoor stated that as the liquidator he has to file a report within 6 months to the security of state and it will be up to the security of state to establish whether it is a civil or criminal act. They have had 800 complaints and he feels we have a strong public case. He encourages people to get in touch with him to fill the creditors forms or complaint letters of their mobile phones being stolen as the chairperson has not declared the mobile phones. He also mentioned that he will be investigating it and that this company could receive up to 300 a day!
  5. Did you attend the meeting? How did it go? Are there funds to pay back the creditors ?
  6. http://www.capital-books.co.uk/Contact-Us.html they will email you the forms to complete when you call them.
  7. http://www.watchmywallet.co.uk/your-money/living/2013/june/is-cash4phones-a-[problem]/
  8. You can add yourself to the creditors list. http://www.watchmywallet.co.uk/your-money/living/2013/june/is-cash4phones-a-[problem]/
  9. Please read this website asap! http://www.watchmywallet.co.uk/your-money/living/2013/june/is-cash4phones-a-[problem]/
  10. I have just spoken to capital brooks accounts and they are sending me the forms to fill in. I would have liked to attend the meeting but I'm 37 weeks pregnant! no chance! Lets hope we get some of our money back ASAP. Good link! http://www.watchmywallet.co.uk/your-money/living/2013/june/is-cash4phones-a-[problem]/
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