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  1. hello, My partner and I are self employed and I suffer from Raynaud's disease and kidney infections I need heat for this, oil heating as we have no open fire. My partner and I have next to zero money coming in at present through the business and even though we get £120 per week in tax credits it is really hard to obtain oil with bills etc. I have heard that the DHSS provide Crisis Loans to people on benefits, do you think we would be eligible? We also need a bed and there is no way that we can get credit. We have no kids and the business has made no profit from the last year, I know going on benefits would seem the better option as you can obtain budgeting loans etc but we want to make a success of our business and it is a struggle. I have been turned down for DLA, can anyone advise, we cant even afford to put an electric shower into the house as I am not on ESA/DLA. Please help. I am in Northern Ireland, it may be different here! thanks
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    Hi, I had one of these cards back in 1999 and I remember they kept putting overdrawn and late charges to my account, can these be claimed back or is it to long ago?
  3. Hello, Barclaycard sent a questionnaire to me a month ago about PPI possibly being missold to me. I filled in all the questions and was informed that yes I was entitled to £1200. Well I phoned on the day of the letter and they said that they would pay me either by cheque or bank transfer whichever I wanted. As it was a week before Xmas I opted for the bank transfer option, I was told that with Xmas approaching I should have the money by Friday past at the latest. I called them on Saturday and I spoke to a gentleman who to be honest didn't have a clue and told me that my refund would be in my account by today. Low and behold no money appeared in the account today but a letter arrived and I was told my credit limit would be decreased by almost the same figure as the PPI refund! Very convenient. I also received my PPI cheque in the post which was supposed to be a BACS transfer. My questions are :- !) Can they decrease my credit limit at 3 days notice? I will be overdrawn because of this. 2) If I lodge this cheque with the bank is there a chance of them cancelling it as I am now overdrawn with my credit card and I don't want them to take the money back. They said that if they cancel the cheque and do a BACS bank transfer it will take a month for it all to be processed! I specifically told them I wanted a bank transfer and now they are saying that their system had automatically sent out the cheque which in turn has left me in debt as I overspent at Xmas. As I am a Barclaycard holder can I go into the branch to cash it? I have no savings or current account with them. Is there anything I can do? Also, I want to freeze my interest and make token payments but not until I get my PPI sorted. Are they obliged to freeze interest, My hours of work are lower than they were before and I need to reduce and I need to reduce payments, I am sure this will be an uphill battle!! Thank you
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