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  1. good on you! u had every right to complain they should not treat u like that! ye it would be different if u were only applying for just part time as u need to apply for both part and full time jobs. ye hopefully u get the complaint few days and ye do keep us posted anything .
  2. i agree if he can record it then do it to give u evidence good to see u agree that u have never heard of u must apply for full time vacancies only plus if u dont apply for part time jobs as well that could go down as not looking for all types of work etc. ye there rules only come out when there right and your wrong but not when they know they are wrong.
  3. ye i agree u would surely have good means of appeal as i have never heard such silly made up rules in all my life!
  4. i cant believe that they are saying this stuff to do! they cant use u must apply for full time work on jsa as a sanction as there are no rules to back them up surely and i hope other people on here who are on jsa will let u know more about this to. u could phone them up and ask them how to complain as they can not do this to u as its not like you are sitting applying for 0 jobs u are applying for jobs so i dont see the big fuss about them telling u you must apply for full time jobs.
  5. if u have prove of some or all the jobs u have applied for then take them. did your adviser say anything if u dont turn up at 4? i would complain also as if the rules are u must apply for full time work on jsa then the adviser should prove this to u when u ask and also i am on jsa and i applied for part and full time work and no problems at all and why should there be its work that i can do that i am applying for.
  6. they will never show u anything to do with rules when they cant back up there story but if there is a rule u broke then they would not be long and showing you. the managers never seem to be in at any time when u ask for them probably because they dont want to let the manager know that they are talking a lot of bulls*** and making up there own rules
  7. ye thought this it is due to an appointment i was suppose to have on monday next week and when i went in for a weekly sign on which my adviser told me i did not need to come in took my monday appointment and did it on wed there and she gave me a new appointment for few weeks and called today to see if there the monday appointment was still on my job seeker profile but this person who i spoke to me told me there was no mention of a monday appointment on the system so should be fine eh? its just in case i did not turn up and basically put me down as not attend as they should know am not attendin
  8. can anyone confirm this if u fail to attend a interview sign on or adviser appointment u get a 4 week sanction?
  9. to be honest u can apply for any part time or full time hours " to claim JSA it must be full time only" that is a lot of bull s*** as i am on jsa and i apply for part time or full time hours and they cant do a think if u apply for a job as you are looking for work so any work u can do is something u can apply for and dont take any crap of this adviser ask her to prove that to claim jsa it must be full time only.
  10. ye will be but surely safety has to come into question over 2mile walk pitch black a few street lights its like your in a forest but with a main road no pavement just grass and i have to walk that when i have been dropped off on a bus which is 2+mile away from the place but coming to think of it now its not a matched vacancy i applied for it on my own so no feedback plus i attended the interview so what can they do ? my choice after the interview when discussing with the woman interviewing me
  11. i went to the interview this morning going to get a call back after 4 today to ask me if i wanna be put forward. see even though its a job i applied for on my own and not form a job centre advisor matched vacancy and that i have attended the interview and i have it on my ujm that i applied for it a have not written attended interview and i have not told the advisor either will the job centre say anything? as i have attended the interview and its not really for me especially with the travel and a few miles walk. its a zero hour contract as well and im not keen on this a
  12. can anyone tell me if the ujm was to be down for maintenance tonight? as its not working when u try to sign in. maybe the ujm sign in is also fed up with it;)
  13. should be able to send a message to me now.
  14. the interview i have been talking about am not sure if it would be any good for me "monthly" pay as the same job that was put up few weeks back put up 2 days ago saying "salary Monthly" and it will take me nearly an hour to travel to this place the bus times can range from 37mins early in the morning or it could take up to over an hour later on and if i go for a train 30 mins then need to wait on a bus which should take 10-15 mins travel but its the cost of epically if im gonna be a monthly pay its not like a can walk to work as it would take me up to 4-6hours lol! i think i done this in
  15. as for my course i am planning to go on i am waiting on my ILA account as it is ILA funded so when this come through and i get it sorted out and sent away i should hopefully get more info to try get my adviser when i see her to let me go ahead with this as it is a course i would like to do and gave me a course to put on my CV. can anyone answer this question. why on job sites these days after a few jobs apps they tell u you can apply for another 3-6months? i really dont see the point in that especially when u are looking for work i just sign up using another email account i have to a
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